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Wicked Wanton Wednesday: What the Authors are Reading.

Our favorite authors draw us in and sweep us away with the stroke of their pen, okay, the stroke of a key, but they take us away, if only for a few hours from the daily grind by taking us to places we may never get a chance to go, introducing us to people we'll never meet and let us experience so many things that we can only dream of.  

So, I figured why not find out what the authors themselves read.  What sweeps them away?  

Here are some recommendations from a good mix of genres including <gasp> some vanilla reads.  All are 5-stars!


Reasonable Doubts by Cara Bristol    

This is one of my favorite in Cara's Rod & Cane series.  While the book certainly can be read as a stand-alone, I do love that we get to see one of our favorite secondary characters from earlier stories in the series get her very own HEA.    Some of the things I particularly loved about this story that puts it on my 'must read' list is that Liz, the heroine, is in her forties.  She's dating again after a 22-year marriage to a man she loved and lost suddenly to a heart attack.  She had been the submissive in her marriage to a much older man and as she starts to date a man six years younger, they have to work through the delicate balance of D/s within their budding relationship.   Cara did a fabulous job of introducing Grant, our hero, to the world of spanking and DD.  The relationship dynamics felt honest and real to me and I highly recommend this book/series. 

~Livia Grant

Learning to be Little Again by Meredith O’Reilly

Wow! What a ride! This was an emotional heart wrenching fun book that I highly recommend to anyone who likes AP. This seems like a very beginner AP book and it isn't super extreme. I loved it. I read it in about five hours straight because I was so hooked. I had to keep turning the pages and seeing what happened next. I thought I knew what was going to happen then BAM! I was glued to the book and couldn't put it down until the very last page. This was a beautiful story about real love. The author did an amazing job on this story. The story line is real you know? It isn't some fantasy story. This could actually happen and I loved every page. The sex is sizzling and the AP is perfectly done. I totally cried like a baby at the end. This book is a reminder that its still okay to be a kid sometimes. Highly recommend this book!

~ Kristin Elyon

Finding Submission  by Megan Michaels

Ms. Michaels did an amazing job of showing a young girl just like the rest of us... and turning her into something so beautiful that you have to see it to believe it. Avery loves trouble but doesn't like the punishments that come after... and Preston has no choice but to really enforce the rules. Avery is entrusted in his care and he molds her into something no one saw coming. A beautiful soft spoken submissive who loves to be his good girl.

There are a lot of punishments given and a lot of tears but also so much love and affection. Preston always looks after his good girl and the after care is perfect. This isn't quite a BDSM story it's an erotic journey taken by one young girl and the help of an unlikely source. Highly recommended.

~Kristin Elyon

Claimed (Brides of the Kindred Book 1) By: Evangeline Anderson 
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An evil force is about to take over the world, but then big, strong Kindred men step in to stop the evil. In return for the safety of Earth, the Kindred men wish to be able to "woo" a female bride if she is chosen for them...Sign me up!
Liv was a nurse when one-day two men took her to the Kindred HQ because she had been chosen by Baird, a Kindred man to be his wife. So, Baird has 30 days to woo Liv in to letting him claim her and becoming his bride. Liv is not at all happy. She doesn't want to leave Earth or her twin sister Sophia to live with Baird. However, the law states that Liv must go with Baird for the 30 days. Not happy at all about that, Liv does everything in her power to fight Baird.
I loved this story. The idea of having a Kindred warrior woo me for 30 days is just so enticing. Ms. Anderson creates such a fascinating new world. She made up inventions that I so wish were real. Her writing was so descriptive, that I could imagine everything even though it didn't exist.

I also really liked how Liv and Baird's relationship grew in the story. Despite Liv originally hating Baird's guts, Baird patiently takes the time to show Liv that he isn't the beast that she makes him out to be. As the story progresses, Liv gets to see that she wasn't right about Baird and at the last second, ends up saving his life from the evil Scourge.
This book was so hot and I can't wait to read the rest of Ms. Anderson's books in the series!

~Meredith O’Reilly

(FYI…  I loved it too!  I’ve read the entire series but Baird was my absolute fav, Maybe it was the mating fist, or that scene in the dark, unmated males area.  Phew!  HOT)

A Difficult Patient by Loki Renard

Let me start by saying that I wish that I could give this book 10 stars! It really was that good. Ms. Renard wrote about two characters that you just couldn't not like. All impatient, Alyssa wants to always get her way and never slow down. One day, she ends up getting a cut on her thigh that ends her up in a hospital. When she refuses to allow even the basis of tasks to be done to her, Dr. Wright is called. Dr. Wright seems to be the only person who can handle Alyssa and slow her down enough so she doesn't hurt herself or bully the people around her.

Along with having two great main characters, Ms. Renard's medical play scenes are the hottest ones that I have ever read. I really hope that Ms. Renard writes another medical play romance because she has a talent with writing them. That is why I give A Difficult Patient, 5 stars!

~Meredith O’Reilly

The Audition- by Tara Crescent.

What I enjoyed most about this book is the inner strength and intelligence of the Hero. The story was believable and flowed at an even pace.

~Melody Parks

Daddy Morebucks by Normandie Alleman  
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I picked this one up on sale this month and what a bargain.  It was a fun, sexy read that was a wonderful twist on the rags to riches story of a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who finds her Prince Charming to take her away from all the hardship.  A very romantic love story and the sex and spankings were HOT.  I’m glad she learned her lesson to be careful about that third wheel; it may actually be a flat tire and cause a roll over.  I did not see that coming!  Sorry for being cryptic, but no spoilers here. 

 ~Maddie Taylor

Lanie’s Lessons by Maddie Taylor. 

This book was just freaking HOT.  I love all the sexy times and spanking times in Maddie’s books, but this one was…..well, she outdid herself this time.   There were two episodes that blew me out of the water—I private messaged her and let her know.   When you read this book, you’ll remember this phrase:  “I’ll never walk into my garage again without thinking of Lanie’s spanking!” 

~Megan Michaels


A note from the hostess:

Authors, if you read a 5-star book, don’t be shy, shout it to the world, or at least the WWW world.  Also, shoot me an IM on Facebook or email @ and I’ll include it in my monthly post.  If you have several, send them all and I will hold the extra over until the following month. 

I’m seeing a growing response to this monthly blog spot, which I barely got in under the January wire and some wonderful, glowing recommendations this month.  Several of which I am going straight to the Big A to 1-click on.  

Just wondering, do you think it tacky of me to include one of my own?  It really was unsolicited (thank you Megan for your kind words).  I vacillated on whether to include it, but since we’re informal here I said, what the heck and did. 
Thanks to all who responded.   See you in February with more HOT recommendations of What the Authors are Reading


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