Wednesday, January 28, 2015

He Gives Her What She Needs on WIP It Up Wednesday

Welcome WIPsters!

I hope its okay that I bend your ear with another snippet of my newest western tale, Jackson's Justice.

Next week, we'll move back to the 21st century, with my new contemporary erotic romance that's in copy editing.  No release date yet, sadly.  Soon I hope.  

This scene is from the end of the story, newly married Heath and Jenny are heating it up in the bedroom. Warning stunning climax ahead <wink>

Jackson's Justice excerpt:

“Stop toying with me. You’re driving me insane. I need you to come inside me now, Heath. Please.”

His head tilted up and he stared, before a slow grin stretched across his lips. “You want me to get down to business, darlin’?”


“How do you want it? Fast and wild? Slow and sweet?” Putting action to words, he stroked between her thighs. Applying exquisite pressure with the length of his shaft, he dove quickly on the down stroke, dragging with unhurried patience upon his return. Never did he penetrate, only gliding outside her wet wanting flesh.

“Yes,” she rasped, “please.”

He chuckled softly at her non-answer. “You are right, of course, either way I’ll have you screaming with pleasure. But I think you want it hard.”

She gasped, her head arching back on another down stroke.

“And a little rough.”

Her mouth opened, but nothing came out, rendered speechless. She did want it rough, as well as hard and fast, and wild and sweet. She wanted all of it, and she wanted it now. Her eyes tipped to his.

“Answer me,” he demanded, a wicked grin gracing his handsome face. “You want it raw, don’t you, darlin’?” He bent his head closer, his eyes locked on hers as he declared in a low but very clear rumble, “You want to fuck.”

Too far gone to be offended, or startled by his vulgarity, she nodded. When she spoke it was breathy, broken up by the quick rise and fall of her chest. “Anything—anyway—just please, do it now.”

He moved back and ordered, “On your hands and knees, love, and spread wide.”

His words were clear as crystal, but she could barely process them. The image of her bottom pointed high in the air, her thighs spread, exposing everything, revolved in her mind, so erotic it knocked her off kilter. Her thoughts became more jumbled when he flipped her, his strong hands easily sending her to her belly. The next moment, she was on all fours as he guided her hips backward.

Heath’s hand came down lightly with a tingling smack on her bottom, so sudden it made her squeal. “Are you with me, love?”

Desire, like electricity shot through her body, seeming to crackle along her skin. Her nipples tightened and the liquid heat, now so familiar with their intimacy, began to gather. Another swat connected, followed by five or six more. She was on fire, not from the spanking, although that contributed, but she burned with need, so intense that she responded with wanton abandon, arching her back and tilting her hips, her cunt, as he’d called it, open and yielding all. Groaning, her hands searched for something to hold onto. One found a pillow, which she latched onto as she began to rock backward.

She needed him now. It was as plain as that; her body from waist to mid-thigh had become a raging inferno of want and desire, and she felt if he didn’t do something to extinguish it soon, she’d combust, leaving only cinders.

“Please…” she cried, “come into me now.”

She was begging, but she didn’t have to. Before the plea had escaped her lips, he plunged into her. Filling and stretching her, he began to move slowly, surging in and out with such powerful strokes that her hands twisted in the pillow, trying to hold on. Each pounding entry shoved her a fraction farther up the bed. Abandoning the useless bag of down, she reached up to brace herself on the headboard, her fingers curling around the spindles.

The sound of their flesh smacking together rose loud in the room, their cries of pleasure raspy, their breathing harsh. It was rough and she loved it. She felt the tension building inside as they moved together in an act of pure instinct, racing toward a mutually fulfilling and much-anticipated release. Jenny worked for it, pushing back, meeting his hips, canting them desperately to receive every inch of him, and still wanting more. The next instant, a guttural scream rushed out as she shattered.

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