Saturday, January 3, 2015

Welcome to a New Year of Saturday Spankings

Celebrating the upcoming release of 

Jackson's Justice 

with a cover reveal on SatSpanks 

Come with me, back to 1878, to Laramie, Wyoming and the Jackson Family's Silverbend Ranch.  

Heath has a problem.  He is having very inappropriate thoughts in even more inappropriate places about a beautiful redhead who turns out to be family friend.  He resists, his heart has been hardened and he isn't willing to risk it again.

But Jenny Harper, young, innocent and too damn hot for his own piece of mind keeps popping into his head and his life, landing in the middle of one fix after another, and getting under his skin.  

What's a hardworking cowboy to do?  


Jackson's Justice

Ever gracious, he wouldn't make her wait.

Beginning low on the back of her silken thigh, he’d run his hand slowly upward, gliding over the rounded hills of her bottom cheeks.  His fingertips grazing along the cleft of her bottom, would dip inside to test her wetness and heat.

As she trembled in response, his purpose would come back to him.  A long time in coming, she had earned this spanking for teasing him, flirting outrageously, holding herself away from him and building his need to a fever pitch.

Unable to wait any longer, his hand would rear back returning swiftly to connect with a smarting crack across her pristine behind.  A sharp intake of breath echoing off the walls would come back to them as she flipped her hair out of her face.  She would turn to him, her beautiful face flushed, brilliant green eyes wide as a plea came from her plump parted lips...


Marshal's Law, book 1 in the series is available now on Amazon if you'd like to get a jump start before the release of Jackson's Justice.

Stay tuned for a release date... sometime this month.

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