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Twice the OTK Fun on #SatSpanks

I've been away for a while, all the way back to July to be exact.  But this is how I roll, its feast or famine with me.  Today, I have two posts in one, if that's allowed.  I suppose Mistress Blake will let me know if it isn't.  

Here we go with two times the spanking fun, which is twice as nice.  

Sweetly Sinful
Release date: 12/5/17
Available on Pre-order now

Three USA Today and International Bestselling Authors have come together to bring you Sweetly Sinful, a sizzling hot set of twelve short stories featuring dominant men and the women who love them. 

Filled with passion and romance each contains an erotic twist as well as a happily ever after.  From contemporary to sci-fi to romantic suspense, some are sweet, others are naughty, and some are downright dirty.  

Got time for a quickie? If so, we've got a story for you.


His Blushing Bride by Maddie Taylor
Fifty Shades of Purple by Morganna Williams
Carl's Sweet Submissive by Meredith O'Reilly
Possessed by the Dragon by Morganna Williams
Masked Desires by Maddie Taylor
Kerri's Dominant Trainer by Meredith O'Reilly
The Perils of Prickly Pears by Morganna Williams
Private Lessons by Maddie Taylor
Dr. Wilson's Naughty Receptionist by Meredith O'Reilly
Christmas Consequences by Maddie Taylor
Safe Haven by Morganna Williams
Eloise's First Real Spanking by Meredith O'Reilly

Publisher's Note: This collection contains sexual situations, spanking, medical play, and BDSM themes. If this isn't your kind of romance, don't buy this book. Some of the tales in Sweetly Sinful appeared in the authors' monthly newsletter but have since been revised or expanded, including three never-before-published stories. 

In Private Lessons, a change in ownership at work forces Andrea back to school to finish her degree or lose her job.  Probability and Stats is giving her fits, and the score on her most recent test has her ready to give up.  Her astute professor recognizes her potential, in more than just statistics, and agrees to tutor her if she is willing to submit to his special style of teaching.

Excerpt from Private Lessons:

“Sir comes so naturally to you; it was another hint at your submissive nature.”
“My dad could curse a blue streak, but both my parents raised me to be respectful, especially to those in a position of power, like police, doctors, and teachers. What if that’s all it is?”
“Trust me; it’s more.”
She stared at him, chewing her bottom lip in indecision.
“Uh-uh,” he said, using his thumb to release her lip. “I can’t bear to watch this abuse,” stroking lightly, he soothed away the sting left by her teeth, “any pain inflicted as we move forward will be at my hand, understood?”
A wave of desire and a good dose of anxiety surged through her so fast she swayed on wobbly knees. Of course, he noticed, and curled a steadying hand around her hip.

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Heating Up the Holidays
Release date: 11/22/17

This five-book collection features smoking hot holiday-themed titles from five best-selling spanking romance authors. It includes the following books:

Holly’s Secret Santa, by Maddie Taylor
Kept After Hours, by Alexis Alvarez
Marigold and the Sheriff, by Morganna Williams
Her Christmas Cop, by Meredith O’Reilly
More Than He Ordered, by Dinah McLeod

Excerpt from Holly’s Secret Santa: 

Exactly what do you do?”
“We’ll talk about it tonight.” Using underhanded tactics to derail her line of questions, he stroked his thumb across her lower lip, and slipped it into the silken warmth of her mouth. When she enveloped it, he couldn’t contain his need this time, and groaned.
“We need to stop, before I lay you out on the countertop and we christen your new place here and now.”
            Dark with passion, her blue gaze turned his way, telling him without words she was fully onboard with the idea.
            “Don’t tempt me, naughty girl.”
            But she did, by swirling her tongue around his thumb and sucking. He was no saint, and Holly, well damn, he hadn’t intended their first time to be like this, but he was about to make her a sinner.

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