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Being Hot for Teacher is Sweetly Sinful on WIP It Up Wednesday

A New Release isn't a WIP, but it sure is a reason to celebrate.  

Me and my wonderful co-authors, Meredith O'Reilly and Morganna Williams, are thrilled to do so with all of you on WIP It Up Wednesday. 

 Sweetly Sinful

is a collection of sexy stories and naughty tales full of passion. Each has a twist and a happily ever after. Some are sweet, others steamy, and some are downright naughty.

There is something for everyone. A couple of dominant doctors, a commanding construction contractor, a masterful professor, a hunky take-no-crap cop, two powerful menage-inclined dragons, a BDSM master, and a stern sexy husband to name a few.

Excerpt 1 from Private Lessons by Maddie Taylor:

He tugged a lock of her dark-auburn hair. “You’re babbling, Red. Do I fluster you?”
Heat flooded her cheeks. She nodded. “You’re very direct.”
“Anything less than honest communication can lead to misunderstandings, making for an unhappy top and a stinging sore bottom. Let’s agree not to have anything less, hmm?”
This time her answer came quick and succinct. “Yes, sir.”
His smile faded as he turned serious again. “I expect you to bloom under my tutelage and in my care. I won’t ever harm you—no blood, scars, or dangerous play. You will always have a safe word as an out and can break our agreement at any time. Now, what do you say?”
“I’m scared, sir. Can I, uh, think about it, look over the contract more?”
“You’re also excited. I can tell by the flush of your skin, the way you keep licking your lips, and the pulse throbbing in your throat. But I’m a patient man and can give you time to consider. However, one question remains, do you have the luxury of waiting? Mid-terms are next week.”
“You’re up to three times, now, Andrea.”
Although he didn’t need to remind her. She wanted to take the word back the second it came out of her mouth. “Sorry, sir.”
He smiled. "Sir comes so naturally to you. It was another hint at your submissive nature." 
"My dad could curse a blue streak, but both my parents raised me to be respectful, especially to those in a position of power, like police, doctors, and teachers. What if that’s all it is?”
“Trust me; it’s more.”
She stared at him, chewing her bottom lip in indecision.
“Uh-uh,” he said, using his thumb to release her lip. “I can’t bear to watch this abuse.” Stroking lightly, he soothed away the sting left by her teeth. “Any pain inflicted as we move forward will be at my hand, understood?”
A wave of desire and a good dose of anxiety surged through her so fast she swayed on wobbly knees. Of course, he noticed, and curled a steadying hand around her hip.
“I can stop at any time?”
“Yes, but I’ll expect you to give it the old college try.”
Considering where they were, she found the play on words funny, and a giggle caught in her throat. He grinned, which she returned, but not for long because his mouth claimed hers, and both hands swept up her back drawing her in closer. The tingles of desire had turned into shivers of need by the time he broke the kiss.
“Your answer, Andrea.”
“Yes,” she breathed. “I want you to teach me.”

Excerpt 2 from Dr. Wilson’s Naughty Receptionist by Meredith O’Reilly:

He took my hand and placed it on the bulge in his pants. Having hard evidence filling my hand as proof he found me desirable put any of my lingering fears to rest.
“You like me,” I said more to myself than him.
“Yes, and I’m going to demonstrate how much, now.”
I didn’t quite understand what he meant by that until he laid me face up on the table and stood to remove his shirt.
“I want you, Kerri.” He tossed his balled-up T-shirt aside and revealed his rock-hard body. I couldn’t help the shiver of arousal coursing through me as my pussy grew even more slick. “Tell me you want this to happen.”
“I have from the first time I saw you three weeks ago.”
Given the go-ahead green, he wasted no time pulling my pants and panties off fully.
I wanted him, nearly as much as I wanted to cover up, but he took the decision out of my hands by climbing on top of me.
In a reverse push-up, he lowered his body over mine, bending his head farther, until his lips met the crook of my neck. Next, he moved upward to kiss the spot right behind my ear.
“Oh man,” he whispered. “I’ve been wanting to do this for weeks now.”
I shuddered at the whisks of pleasure running through me. Wrapping my arms around his shoulders, I pulled him down as I spread my legs for his hips. His hardened shaft fit along the seam of my pussy, making me hum with need. I arched into him, and almost cursed his pants which were still on him; otherwise, he would have slid right into me, exactly where I wanted him.
With one last kiss behind my ear, he brought his lips to mine. His tongue demanded entry into my mouth, which I gladly gave him. As he claimed it, thoroughly, his hand reached between us, sliding low and inward, to gently glide over my slit.
He leaned up and smiled. “My oh my, someone is very wet and ready for more.”
“It’s because I want you.”
“Patience, my dear. We can say this is payback for all of the cold showers you’ve made me take in the past thirty days,” he said between hungry kisses.

Excerpt 3 from Fifty Shades of Purple by Morganna Williams:

“Do you still deny your arousal?” His fingers pumped in and out in a delicious rhythm.
“Noo…please…please, Zaryn…” She panted, her body nearing another orgasm.
“What do you need, bilya?”
“I need to come…please,” she begged.
“Very well,” he murmured, driving his fingers while his thumb swept out to include her swollen clit, stroking it determinedly.
Everything in her tightened at once and then she came, convulsing over his lap with a little scream of pleasure. He had her flipped to her back on the hood of the car before the orgasm was completely over.
He spread her legs wide, cupped her hot, sore bottom in his hands, and buried his face between her thighs, lapping at her clit and gorging himself on the sweet cream of her arousal. “You taste better than the sweetest fruit on Gartian.”
Kate had no idea what he was talking about, but she didn’t really care. She fisted her hands in his thick blue hair and pulled him down into her. His tongue did things she’d never imagined, high inside her sensitive channel, his lips seeming to suck at the same time.
“Ooh…aahhhhooooo!” she cried out, again shuddering helplessly he continued to lick and suck, driving her from one peak to another without respite.
Zaryn lifted his head from her sweet little slit and studied her a moment. Then, with a soft smile playing on his glistening lips, he asked, “Now, are you ready to accept me as your mate, Kate? My bilya?”
She licked her lips and considered a lifetime of mind-blowing pleasure and the landscapes she could paint in space. “Yes, Zaryn. I accept you.”
With one hand, he reached down and freed himself. Like the rest of him, his erection was immense. Kate smiled at the sight of the large thick shaft. She should be concerned, but all she could think was how badly she wanted that monster inside her.
Zaryn watched her face, stroking the broad head along her swollen lips and dipped between to rub against her clit. Her head fell back as she shifted her hips, desperate to get him inside her.
“Do you want this, bilya?” He pressed the head against her opening, teasing her.
“Yes! Fuck me now, you big purple jerk!” Kate cried in frustration.

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Three USA Today and International Bestselling Authors have come together to bring you Sweetly Sinful, a sizzling hot set of twelve short stories featuring dominant men and the women who love them. 

Filled with passion and romance each contains an erotic twist as well as a happily ever after.  From contemporary to sci-fi to romantic suspense, some are sweet, others are naughty, and some are downright dirty.  

Got time for a quickie? If so, we've got a story for you.


His Blushing Bride by Maddie Taylor
Fifty Shades of Purple by Morganna Williams
Carl's Sweet Submissive by Meredith O'Reilly
Possessed by the Dragon by Morganna Williams
Masked Desires by Maddie Taylor
Kerri's Dominant Trainer by Meredith O'Reilly
The Perils of Prickly Pears by Morganna Williams
Private Lessons by Maddie Taylor
Dr. Wilson's Naughty Receptionist by Meredith O'Reilly
Christmas Consequences by Maddie Taylor
Safe Haven by Morganna Williams
Eloise's First Real Spanking by Meredith O'Reilly

Publisher's Note: This collection contains explicit sex, spanking, medical play, and BDSM themes. If this isn't your kind of romance, don't buy this book. Some of the tales in Sweetly Sinful appeared in the authors' monthly newsletter but have since been revised or expanded, including three never-before-published stories. 

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