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His Willful Bride... On Sale ~~ On My Blog ~~ On Fire!

Maggie Carpenter is in the author spotlight with His Willful Bride, voted the BEST Victorian of 2015 ~ SPANKING ROMANCE REVIEWS ~ 

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For nineteen-year-old Charlotte Winthrop, there is nothing quite so irksome as putting up with the tedious attempts at courtship of one nervous young suitor after another. Having grown up without discipline since the death of her parents when she was a child, Charlottes sharp tongue and often less-than-ladylike demeanor have caused her hapless aunt and uncle no end of grief, and they have all but despaired of finding her a proper husband.

Lord Edward Pemberly III is no timid schoolboy. He is a man of the world, both a gentleman and a businessman, and from the moment she meets him Charlottes heart is set racing. Edward quickly makes it clear that once they are wed, he will not hesitate to correct her whenever and wherever he sees fit. On the day of their wedding she misbehaves and he backs up his words, delivering a sound bare-bottom spanking that very evening.

Edwards plans for Charlotte extend far beyond just spanking, and she is soon kneeling naked at his feet, her beautiful body and bright red, well-punished bottom on full display while he inspects what is his. Though her face burns crimson with shame as she is tied to his bed, spread open and fully exposed, she cannot help quivering with desire and even begs for more as her husband claims her fully.

With every new experience, every blushing climax, and every stern chastisement, Charlotte finds herself falling deeper in love with her handsome, dominant husband. But when a jealous, vindictive woman sets her sights on Edward and provokes Charlotte, can she keep her wits about her or will her mischievous retaliation land her in deep trouble?

Publishers Note: His Willful Bride includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please dont buy this book.


Edward dispatched his hand, landing several swats to each cheek, then paused and gently rubbed.
Are you listening to me, Charlotte?
Yes, sir.
Im going to lay out two basic rules.
Rules, sir?
I have rules in my house, and as my wife you must obey them. Understood?
Yes, sir.
You will be courteous and polite to everyone who comes here. You are the lady of my house, and you will treat all guests with dignity and respect.
Yes, sir.
My hand will make sure of it,he said sternly as he resumed his smacking, and I have other instruments of discipline should you break this rule.
Ow, oh, sir, that, ow, ow, does hurt, ow!
If you must yell out, face into the mattress, Charlotte.
Polite and courteous, yes, sir, I understand,she wailed as his hand continued to rain its unrelenting hot swats.
Face into the mattress, girl,he barked, whisking his determined palm across her sit spot. My goodness, learn to do as youre told, when youre told!
Turning her face into the bed, Charlotte kicked out her foot. Edward was strict, so strict, and as much as she adored him, between each stinging swat, she found herself wondering if shed made a terrible mistake.
What is rule number one?
Courteous and polite, sir, to all who come here,she mewled.
That is correct,he said, roaming his hand over her reddening moons. It matters not how tedious their conversation, you will nod your head and smile.
Yes, sir,she whimpered.
I mean it, Charlotte. I know how easily you become bored, but you must not let it be seen.
I understand. Ill be good.
Aha! Youll be good? So all those times you were rude to the guests in your uncles house, you knew you were misbehaving.
Uh, yes, sir, I did,she whispered. I just couldnt stand to listen to those people drone on and on.
You will stand it in this house,he said firmly.
Returning his flattened palm to her sensitive sit spot, he delivered a series of smarting blows, ignoring her muffled squeals as he continued to move his determined discipline from side to side. When she began to gyrate her hips, he paused to study his handiwork.
Sir, please, I beg you, sir, no more!she pleaded breathlessly.
Your bottom is almost the color it should be,he calmly remarked, but before I continue, the second rule, and then you shall be in my arms.
The second rule?
There are many more, and each of them will be delivered with hard smacks. I fear its the only way I can reach you, Charlotte. As I said before, you have been without authority for many years, and as my wife I cannot allow you to continue with your bad habits.
Im with you now, sir. Ill be a good wife.
I believe you will, but you must understand I will punish you if you disregard my instructions. This is merely a lesson, Charlotte, one I hope you will learn.
Sir, you are so strict.
I am strict when I must be,he said as his hand caressed her hot skin. If you find yourself over my knee, or bent over this bed, it will be deserved.
He heard a heavy sigh, and knew it was a sign he was getting through to her. She had run rampant at Kimberwick Hall, exasperating her aunt and uncle to despair, but she wasnt going to enjoy the same frivolous freedoms under his roof.
The second rule,he began, resting his hand in the center of her backside. Are you paying attention?
Yes, sir.
Ive saved this because I want it to be the last thing for which you will feel the sting of my hand. It is the most important. You will obey me, Charlotte. You will do as youre told. I am always willing to listen to you, but you must not be insolent, impertinent, or argumentative. Almost every time I tell you to do something, you quibble. It must stop. Do I make myself clear?
Ooh, yes, sir.
These smacks will be the hardest. The next time you disobey me, or speak back to me, you will feel more than my hand.






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