Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Very Naughty Christmas Sneak Preview

Five Bestselling Authors

Five HOT Spanking Romances

Five Days Until the Release of...

A Very Naughty Christmas 

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Now a little bit about my contribution...

Dixie Mae Culbertson's high school crush toppled from his pedestal when he turned out to be not better than the rest of the men in her life, all jerks!  Now, a decade has past and she's grown up, but she has never forgotten her first love.

When he walks into the diner where she works--gorgeous, built like the QB he used to be only better, with the same charming smile that could melt the panties off a nun--she has a hard time resisting him.  But she won't risk her heart, no matter how much her body wants him.

As soon as he sees the red haired, green eyed beauty, the one who got away, Kyle Prescott sets his sights on her.  He wants a chance to explain, to rekindle the spark they had so many years ago,  and to make up for lost time, even if he has to take her over his knee to make her see reason.  

Can Dixie put aside her hurt feelings and forgive him?  Even harder, can she overlook the barriers that have always stood between them, which as an adult seem higher and twice as wide as they were the last time she saw those beautiful primrose blue eyes.  

An excerpt from Mistletoe Magic...

 “Maybe you can tell me why I get you so flustered, instead.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” she said, brushing by him as she moved to the table and began measuring the brown paper.

His arms came around her from behind, his palms pressed flat on the table, pinning her in place without touching her. She could feel the heat of his body along her back.

“You do, Dix. Your face is flushed, your respirations are elevated, and your beautiful brown eyes are so dilated they’ve become almost black. And if I put my fingers to the pulse at your throat, my guess is your heart is racing. Should I prove I’m right?”

One hand rose, brushing her hair where it curled over her shoulder. She knew what came next—Kyle pushing it aside to expose her neck, a place that was very sensitive and would make her heart, which was already pounding from his nearness, very likely leap out of her chest.

She spun to face him, a mistake that she regretted instantly when he moved closer, his coat rubbing hers, his hard chest meeting the softness of her breasts. Her hands came up in between them as his slid up her spine.


“What time are you through here?”

“The show ends at six, but it will take me time to close down and haul everything to my car.”

“I’ll be back and help you pack up, then take you to dinner.”

“That’s not a good idea.”

“You keep saying that. We’re attracted to one another, Dixie. Like we were in school. Only after the episode with that idiot Spencer, you were too ticked off to ever give me the time of day.”

“What makes you think things have changed?”

“I was hoping both of us would have matured. I never imagined you’d be the type of girl to hold a grudge for twelve long years. You need to let me explain.”

“There’s no need. Besides, you obviously haven’t changed. You’re splurging on someone special, the other day you made a special trip merely to pick up a woman’s umbrella, and despite being involved with someone else, now you’re hitting on me.”

His arms tightened around her at the same time his face lost its smile, his jaw going tight. “So you know me so well, you’ve got me all figured out, huh?”

“Spoiled rich boys who think the world—as well as every woman they see—is theirs for the taking rarely change. Nor do lying, cheating jerks. Step aside.” She pushed against his chest when he didn’t move, although her efforts didn’t so much as budge him. 

“Step back, please.”

He moved fast, and before she knew it her wrists were clasped by strong fingers and pinned behind her. His face was a fraction away, the brush of his breath now on her lips, and his eyes were snapping with fire like the hottest blue flame.

“I’m tempted to take you over my knee and spank some sense into you.”

She was so stunned, other than her mouth falling open, she couldn’t move.

“And if you were mine, I’d do that here and now.”

“Kyle,” she breathed shakily

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