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Sweet Submission: Cover Reveal and Sneak Peek

Today's Wicked Wanton Wednesday is all about me!  LOL  Self indulgent?  Maybe...  But with the third book in my Sweet Series due out on Saturday, October 15th, which is only 4 days away, so can you blame me?!?   
This one is about Giada Trent, the bitch you loved to hate and saw get her comeuppance, but just a touch, at the end of Sweet Surrender.

Many asked, but Maddie, how do you make that awful woman lovable?  

Hm...  Good question. 

My good answer is Ian Sheridan.  That he's a hot, sexy, dominant lawyer type with a kinky side kind of helps, too.

But you'll have to be the judge if I've succeeded or not.  I hope you enjoy the final chapters in my series.

Sweet Submission.
by Maddie Taylor
Release date:  October 15th

Giada and Ian's story begins ten years ago on their wedding night...


“I won’t be rushed. We only have one wedding night and I intend to make it last,” he said as he lifted his head and lightly dragged his chin, with its rough twelve-hour stubble, across the sensitive peak.

“Your intent is to torture your new wife,” she replied in a half whimper, only a few more licks or chin glides away from panting.

“Yeah, that too,” he chuckled, then surprised her by opening wide and drawing hungrily on the hard peak, but drat him, it lasted much too briefly.

As he pulled away, she whimpered in protest, then gave a little yelp when with easy strength, he flipped her onto her belly. The short zipper at the small of her back gave way under his insistent tug and he slid her dress over her hips and down her legs. This left her in skimpy white lace-edged panties and the thigh-high stand-up stockings with the wide band of matching lace around each thigh. 

She wondered what he thought of the small satin bows adorning the back of each thigh and the top of her butt, also in white, but didn’t have to wait long to find out.

“Damn,” he growled. “It’s like Christmas morning. And you’re messing with my plan to go slow and savor every minute.”

“I’m not sorry,” she said, angling her head and meeting his heated look over her shoulder. “If you ditch your plan because you lose control, it’s all good for me.”

His fingers slid up the backs of her thighs and over the curves just above them. With palms large enough to encompass almost all of her cheeks, he began kneading her panty-covered bottom as he leaned down and spread kisses along the small of her back, right above one of the bows. This went on until her pussy was drenched with eagerness.

“Ian, please, hurry.”

“Sh, baby, there’s no need to rush. We have all night.”

“I won’t make it that long.”

“Try for me.”

He continued to tease and push her to the brink, then at long last, his thumbs dipped into the waistband of her panties and he lowered the stretchy material, not in the swift tug she’d expected, but instead, peeling them down slowly, bit by excruciating bit until they rested below her bottom. His mouth returned and moved over her bare cheeks, opening as he gave her slow, hot licks with his teasing tongue and little nibbles with his teeth as he squeezed and molded the globes in his hands.

Giada was nearly out of her head with desire and raised her ass, seeking more. She would have spread her legs in blatant invitation, but her thighs were bound together by her own panties.

“Take me, please, Ian,” she begged, as she writhed on the bed beneath him.

His teeth sank firmly into the fleshy part of one cheek as he brought his open palm down with a resounding smack on the other. “Who’s in charge here, Giada? You or me?”

“You, but please, you’re driving me insane.”

“I’ve heard a lot of insanity pleas in my day, gorgeous, though never by means of delayed orgasm. I decide when and how you come, and you’ll enjoy every fucking minute of it.”

She groaned as his thumbs dipped between her thighs and separated her smooth lips, and when his hot tongue dove inside and lapped her clit for a moment, before moving up to circle her weeping opening, those groans became a keening cry of need.

“You’re sweeter than the icing on our six-tier cake and more intoxicating than the Dom Perignon.” 

He gave her one more long thorough lick, ending with a flick on her pulsing bud, then sat back on his heels. Giving her behind a little pat, he ordered, “Up on your hands and knees, and spread for me. I plan to gorge myself on your sweet pussy until I get my fill.”

Impatient, he helped her along by lifting her hips as she scrambled to get in position. When her legs wouldn’t part further, hampered as they were by the panties still tight around her thighs, he whisked them down and off her feet. He was back between her legs in a second, his thumbs parting her as with tongue, lips, and teeth, he devoured every inch of her intimate flesh. Ian sucked on her clit until she screamed his name, but before she could come, he moved up to rim the clenching opening of her weeping channel, licking around and around, spearing inside and penetrating deeply. The vibration from his hum of approval nearly set her off as he consumed her, gorging himself as promised.

Again, when her climax was within reach, he shifted, sliding higher until his tongue found the puckered hole that he had yet to claim. In the past, he’d used his tongue, fingers, and small plugs on her, much to her delight, but Ian was generously proportioned and she’d shied away from letting him claim her virgin ass. He’d been patient, yet vowed when she was at last his, she would belong to him fully, in every way.

A ripple of trepidation ran through her, knowing tonight was the night. She didn’t get to dwell long on him stretching that untried part of her and taking the last of her innocence with his impressive cock, because he paused yet again. This time he stood beside the bed and stripped out of the rest of his tux.

“Don’t move,” he ordered huskily as she started to turn to watch him. “There is no prettier sight than you on your knees for me, that glorious ass in the air, legs parted wide, showing me all of your pretty pink wetness.”

“I don’t know how much more I can stand, Ian.”

“You’ll wait until I’m inside you, baby.”

Then he was back on the bed, fully naked behind her. As his hand on her hip steadied her, Ian slid the head of his cock through her wetness. Then in one perfect glide, he plunged into her. Her inner muscles clung to him as he began to fuck her in long, hard, purposeful strokes. His hands on her hips guided her motions, pulling her into him as he surged forward. “Beautiful,” she whispered.

“Yes, you are, Giada, fucking beautiful.”

And then, as if his cock wasn’t enough sensual torment, his thumb joined in. Dipping into her slit, he gathered some of her plentiful wetness and transferred it to the tight hole in back that he clearly intended to claim tonight. He circled the outer ring, spreading her natural lube before pressing inward with deliberate slowness. At the first knuckle he eased back, drew from her well of moisture again, and returning, slid deeper. Giada tossed her head; his cock filling her pussy and his thumb in her ass at the same time was like nothing she’d experienced—ever. More gliding pressure and he was inside, the heel of his hand resting on one cheek.

She clamped down as the twin sensations caused her to spiral out of control, flying up and apart as he fucked and filled her, driving her over the edge into an indescribable shuddering, convulsing climax.

As she quivered beneath him, Ian withdrew and eased her onto her side. He leaned over her, his tongue delving between her parted lips as he robbed her of what little air she had left. When he raised his head, he said in a throaty growl, “You’re magnificent when you come, Gi. For this next one, I want to feel you fly apart while I’m claiming your ass for the first time.”

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