Sunday, October 9, 2016

Dominating Destiny by Maggie Carpenter, In a Special Sunday Spotlight

A special Sunday

 spotlight, featuring 

Maggie Carpenter,  

a prolific author of 

erotic romance.  

In Maggie's world...

"Men are Dominant, not domineering.

Women are artfully spanked and teased, treasured and revered.

Its a world of handcuffs and spreader bars.

Crops, floggers, paddles and hot hands.

A world of leather and lace, corsets and stockings.

A world of pleasure..."

Thank you for giving a glimpse into your world today, Maggie.  As always it is a decadent pleasure.  

An Erotic Novella Series

The Peppermints

I didn’t know what I wanted.
That’s not true, I did, sort of.

 Sometimes we don’t know what we want, what we really want, until it
arrives with a very loud bang.

Or in this case, a very hard smack.

He had been my boyfriend for a while.
I thought I knew him.

I did not!

He said he had a vision.
He wouldn’t tell me what it was.
But he said he thought I could make it real.

A vision made real?



The Peppermints

Moments later, standing in the middle of the bedroom, he lifted my dress over my head, then kissing my neck he began roaming his hands over my body. I was lost in a sea of emotion, mumbling his name as he walked me backwards to the bed, and when he sat down and pulled me over his knee, I was overcome with relief.
 It occurred to me if someone had told me just a short time ago that lying across Brads lap getting my ass spanked would become one of my favorite things in the whole world, I would have told them they were certifiably insane, but a hot slap hit my backside and it snapped me from my thoughts. Reaching across the bed I grabbed a pillow. It had become a thing with me, cuddling a pillow as he spanked me.
“Do you know why Im doing this?” he asked, landing another solid smack.
“Because you want to?”
“Well, yes, I always want to, but besides that.”
No, I don’t think I do.”
“You were playing games with me, and thats not acceptable. You were going to make us late on purpose.”
“Only because I needed your attention,” I protested, suddenly feeling like a naughty child. “I didnt know what else to do.”
His hand abruptly spanked down, twice, hard, in the center of my sit spot.
“OW! What did I say?”
“You didnt know what else to do? What about, Brad, I can see theres something on your mind and its scaring me.”
“I, uh…”
“Should I have opened up?” he continued. “Yes, and I was going to but I wasnt ready. You didnt trust me. You didnt trust us. You went to the worst possible scenario, and now Im going to spank that insecurity out of you.”
He was right. Of course he was right. He was annoyingly right, and as I writhed and squirmed as he resumed his work I buried my head in the pillow, ouching and owing with gratitude and pain.
“In the future, when youre scared or worried, dont hold back,” he lectured landing some hard swats in the middle of my backside. “There is nothing you cant talk to me about, or ask me, or confess to me. Are we clear?”
“Yes, Sir, yes,” I gasped. “I will, I swear.”
His hand stopped spanking, and after soothing my skin for a few minutes, sending me into that warm, calm, amazing place, he ordered me to climb on the bed and rest on my hands and knees. As I did, I watched him undress. God, I loved his body, and when he kneeled behind me, and his thumbs separated my pussy lips, I held my breath. A moment later his member was at my entrance, and I let out a long, low, moan.
“Youre so wet,” he muttered, “youre positively soaked.”
Clutching my hips he thrust inside me, pummeling me with strong, fast, hard strokes. He was ferocious, impassioned, and demanding, and as my orgasm quickly drew near, I found myself craving a peppermint. As if reading my mind he withdrew, leaned over me, and retrieving the tin of hot mints from the bedside table he flipped open the lid.
“Here, suck hard,” he ordered, picking out two and dropping them in my mouth, “and I mean it, suck hard.”
Quickly returning to his position he plunged back inside me, and pressing the mints between my tongue and the roof of my mouth, I squeezed my eyes shut as he pumped me into my orgasm.
The sparkling spasms shivered through my limbs, the heat of the peppermints burned down my throat, and I crunched them between my teeth as I surrendered to the all-consuming convulsions, finally collapsing on my stomach as the last ripple of delicious sensation left my body.