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A First Time For Pleasure for Citrine, Gem #6

If you’re new to The Red Petticoat Saloon series, this is a wonderful collection of old west stories by an all-star group of #1 and USA Today bestselling authors. Each book stands alone and tells the unique story of a different woman, 'a gem', who finds a safe haven at the saloon and discovers they become part of a family.

Today, I’m spotlighting Caring for Citrine, book #6, crafted by the fabulous Alta Hensley, and of course, she is sharing a steamy, sexy excerpt.  Will Citrine find her happily ever after in the arms of the town doctor?  Let’s dig in because I know you can’t wait to find out…

Sickly. A whore. On her own.

That is how Della would describe herself, or did until she became a gem at The Red Petticoat Saloon. Still sickly, and still a whore, at least she wasn’t on her own any longer. She had become Citrine, one of Jewel’s gems, and she wore the name proudly.

It wasn’t until she became deathly ill that she realized just how much people truly cared about her. She had her friends at The Red Petticoat, and she soon had the care of the town doctor—Dr. Anson Norwood.

Dr. Norwood promises her that he will fix all that is wrong with his patient and treat her like the gem she truly is. But will the shadows of her past, as well as the ones of Anson Norwood, get in the way? Can she allow the good doctor to fully care for his Citrine?

Caring For Citrine
by Alta Hensley

Running his finger along each side of her delicate petals, he asked, “Has anyone ever taken the time to give you pleasure before? Has anyone made you come?”

She shook her head. “No, it was my job to please them. Not the other way around.”

“Then we need to change that. From now on, it is about you: the way you feel, the way you moan, the way you call out my name.”

Soaking up her juices with his fingertip, he coated the opening to her pussy nice and well. With as much care as he could, he pressed his wet finger past her opening and eased his way in.

Della gasped and tensed, but then relaxed when Anson slowly began to move his finger in and out of her tight channel. He leaned down and kissed her thatch of little black curls, inhaling the musky scent of her desire.

“Relax, Della,” he coaxed as his finger glided in and out. “I need to get this sweet cunny of yours ready for me. I’m not a small man, and I don’t want you to feel anything but pure delight.” When her legs relaxed back open and her hips thrust up to meet his mouth, silently begging for more of his kisses, he whispered, “That’s my good girl. Let me prepare you to become mine in all ways.”

His name caught in her throat when a moan overpowered it as his tongue flicked her clit, nipping it between his lips. Her hands ran on both sides of his head, driving his face into her pussy as her moans intensified.

“Anson… Anson? This feeling. I feel…” Panic laced her words. She didn’t know what to think about the sensations flooding in. She had never… she had never… “Anson!”

“Allow it to flow, darling. It’s pleasure knocking at your door. Let it in.”

Her head thrashed side to side, and her breathing became ragged. “I’m scared.”

“Come for me, Della. Fill my mouth with your sweet cream. Release.”

Her hips bucked as her moan turned into a tiny scream. Her pussy quivered around his mouth, and she knew the taste of her nectar coated his tongue. He lapped up every last bit of her completion as her body shook on the tail end of her climax.

As if not wanting her body to fully become sated, he moved up to her breasts and began to circle his tongue around one nipple, and then moved to pay the same attention to the other. He molded the flesh of her firm and perky mounds with his hands.

“I can no longer fight the hunger. I need my cock buried deep inside of you and I can’t wait any longer.” Stretching up, he placed his lips at the shell of her ear and whispered, “I’m going to put my cock inside of you now. It might hurt a little, my love, but I will try to make it as easy as possible.”

“Yes, yes, please,” she begged. “I want this. I do.”

Placing the head of his dick at her entrance, he slowly eased in. She knew this was the time where he fully claimed her. Her body would belong to him, just as she would.

“Take a deep breath and relax,” he ordered as he pushed firmly against her opening, spreading her wide as Della cried out.  “Shhh…” he cooed as he paused for a moment so she could adjust to his girth.

It was Della who began to thrust her hips up and down, demanding that he hold back no further. Taking her cue, he launched a steady rhythm of pushing in and out, while placing soft kisses along the side of her neck. A steady staccato of his cock pulling out just enough to spread her opening, and then plummeting back inside, so deep she could feel his dick push up against where the inside of her quim ended, balls scraping along her outer lips, had her moaning. In and out, he claimed her. In and out, she gave herself to him. Her doctor. Her man. Her everything.

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Alta Hensley is a USA TODAY bestselling erotic romance author who has had #1 top-selling books in BDSM, erotic science fiction, humor, and historical. She writes the naughty... and then the cure for it.

Being a multi-published author in the Domestic Discipline genre, Alta is known for her alpha heroes, sweet love stories, hot eroticism, and engaging tales of the constant struggle between dominance and submission.

You can find out more about Alta on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads. You can also contact her at

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