Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wicked Wanton "Sneak Preview" Wednesday with the Lovely Maggie Carpenter

I'm excited to have a sneak preview of Maggie Carpenter's newest release, The Stuntman to drool over today.  

Wait, let me stare at the cover for a few more seconds.  

Ooo-eee, do you see the abs on that man?  And that tat!  <sigh>

The chest and abs had me right away, but the take charge dominant demeanor, mm, mm, mm...  Maggie is an expert at creating drool-worthy, pulse racing, rapid breathing, panty-melting alpha male characters and Blake does not disappoint. 

Let's jump in with a yummy excerpt right off the bat...

Taking hold of her cuffed wrists he jerked her forward, positioning her so her upper body was resting on the bed, but her feet were still on the floor.
         “Do you have anything to say for yourself?”
         “I know I was wrong. I’m used to doing things myself, I mean, I, uh, oh, Blake, I don’t know what I mean,” she whimpered, “but I do know I was wrong.”
         “You’re not used to having to answer to someone, truly answer,” he declared. “That’s who I am, little girl, I’m someone you’ll have to answer to. You understand that?”
         “Yes, Sir.”
         “I meant what I said the other night. I’ll be your Dominant, but I told you I’d exact discipline if you disobeyed me, and what did you today?”
         “I disobeyed you, Sir,” she breathed.
         “I didn’t hear you.”
         “I disobeyed you, Sir,” she lamented, “and I’m sorry. I thought I was doing the right thing.”
         “Ah, and there you have it. That’s what I’ve been waiting for. You knew taking those risks was defying me, but you thought it was the right thing so you did it anyway. Lesson number one, defying me, especially when it’s something I’ve been crystal-clear about, is never, ever, the right thing.”
         As he finished speaking they heard the sound of the powerful motorbike leaving the garage, and Blake lifted his hand and brought it down with a powerful swat.
         “Repeat what I just said.”
         “OW! Defying you is never, ever, the right thing,” she wailed.
         “Correct,” he said smacking her opposite cheek then bouncing back to the first. “Say it again.”
         “OW, OW. Defying you is never, ever, the right thing.”
         “You can yell and scream all you want, there’s no-one to hear you, and I’ll be happy to listen to the results of my discipline while I watch your bottom turn red. You deserve every swat I land, don’t you, Belinda?”
         “Ooh, yes, Sir. When I was writing those notes I knew it was a dangerous thing to do, and when I had my phone in my hand to take his picture, I thought I was going to drop it I was shaking so bad,” she confessed in a plaintive wail. “I deserve this spanking, I do. I’m impulsive, and I do foolish things without thinking them through.”
         “Good girl for admitting all that,” he said smoothing his hand over her cheeks. “We’re going to work on that problem, beginning right now.”


The blurb:

Though she has been in a relationship with a Dominant more than once, Belinda has learned the term, Dominant, is a generic label, and she aches for the real thing; a man who is comfortable in his own skin and won’t hesitate to take her in hand. When Blake Berenson comes into her life, she believes her prayers have been answered.

When Blake tells her he is a stuntman her heart sinks. Having been a nurse in a trauma center for several years, the sight of broken bones and bloody injuries is becoming too much, but in spite of her misgivings, the spark between them fiercely crackles, and she quickly finds herself over Blake’s knee. He is everything she has dreamed of, and she falls hard for the handsome daredevil.

One night a famous screenwriter is brought into the trauma center. When his private secretary, a stern, officious man, asks her to be the patient’s private nurse she is tempted to accept, but Blake, having heard scary rumors about the writer and his palatial mansion in the hills above Malibu, is firmly against it.

Belinda is torn.

Will Belinda defy Blake, the Dominant she’s crazy about who doesn’t hesitate to spank her soundly, who fills her nights with blindfolds and ropes, and takes her to giddy heights of passion? Will she risk all she has with her hunky, amorous stuntman for a stranger? And what about Blake? Will he put his foot down, or will he use his strength, his cunning and his courage to help her?


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