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What do Club Decadence and the Hardware Aisle have in Common? WIP It Up Wednedsay

The countdown to Decadence continues with only 4 days to go...  Woo hoo!

Second Time Lucky
Club Decadence, Book 5
Release:  May 30th

The set up:

As the key witness whose testimony will bring down the Mendoza Cartel once and for all, Mara goes into protective custody.  Naturally, Rossi is in charge of security and Sean is assigned as her handler.  What will they do to pass the time?  In this scene, Sean seems to think a trip to the hardware aisle at Walmart is in order to complete their DIY BDSM toy kit.   Those Decadence Doms, there always up to some kinky tricks, mwah ha ha….

A decadent excerpt:

“We need a cart.”

As he stepped away, she looked around and was amazed to see the identical Walmart she shopped at in San Antonio. Everything was laid out exactly the same, groceries to the right, clothes and household items in the center, hardware to the left. With a clang of stuck carts, he soon had them on their way, wedging her between his much bigger body and the buggy.

“Lean on the handle. Let the cart take some of the weight off that leg,” he ordered as he steered them both to the left at a much slower pace.

He stopped by health and beauty first, throwing shampoo, body wash, two toothbrushes and toothpaste in the buggy. She grabbed a bottle of conditioner and dropped it in as they passed. The next aisle was hair color where he paused.

“Blonde or redhead?”

Unsure, she blinked up at him. “What?”

“They’ll be looking for a brunette. Pick one.”

Her hand went to her hair as she took in the array of brands and colors. She had no clue. She’d never dyed her hair herself, a trip to the salon one of the few luxuries she allowed herself on her budget. Hesitantly, she grabbed a color only a few shades lighter than her own medium brown. He promptly put it back and plucked a box of red off the shelf.

Plucking the box back out, she eyed the label. “Rich copper. I don’t know.”

“Baby, with those green eyes, you’ll be even more of a knockout as a redhead. Trust me.”

She smiled at the unexpected compliment while he slid the box out of her grasp. He dropped it back in the buggy and with a nudge, on down the aisle they went.

Shaw-wow, Sham-ow, or Sham-now,
you make the call <snort>
Next came hardware. At first, when he began tossing an odd array of items into the cart, she paid it little heed, but when his collection grew, his intent became clear. Gape mouthed, she stared at the oversized chamois mop, Duck tape, paint stirrers, 25 feet of natural fiber rope, two wooden dowels about two feet in length, and four doubled-ended snap hooks.

She leaned over and gawked at the mop. It looked exactly like a flogger with about twenty short tails. Glancing back at him, she breathed. “You’re not serious.”

His arched brow was her answer. Moving on, he guided her a few aisles over to the kitchen section.

“Your turn. Twenty dollar limit, your choice, but if there isn’t at least one wooden spoon in your lot, I’m putting something back and replacing it. Be creative, we’ve got at least two weeks, probably more, before we go home and toys will help pass the time.”

She stared at him. He merely returned her gaze a moment, then with a hand on her behind, gave her a gentle prod to get her moving down the kitchen gadget aisle.

The Blurb:

From an early age, Mara Westbrook has led a troubled life.  With no one to trust or rely on, she meets a breathtakingly handsome soldier on her ward at Walter Reed.  He captures her eye and makes her yearn for things she never thought possible, not for a girl like her.  Can she move beyond the traumatic secrets of her past and risk giving love a try?

Injured and in pain, the only light in Master Sergeant Sean O'Brien's dark days is his night nurse, his blonde haired, green eyed, deliciously curvy, modern day nightingale.  Seeing her in those tight scrubs, tending to him and his fellow soldiers with her sweet, yet sexy smile eases the pain in his throbbing leg.  Unfortunately, it shifts the ache about six inches higher.  He sets out to make her his own, to earn her trust, her love and in the end her ultimate submission.

They come together beautifully with Sean teaching her the wicked and wonderful ways of a D/s lifestyle.  Mara blossoms under his sensual domination and his firm but loving discipline, but her past won’t let her be.  Relentlessly pursuing her and threatening her idyllic life with Sean.  To protect what she holds dear, she does unspeakable things leading to more secrets, lies and betrayal.  She runs as she always does. 

When Mara unwittingly becomes the key witness to events that will finally bring down the Mendoza Cartel, Sean and the Rossi team step in to keep her safe.  As her handler, Sean must protect her with his life and Mara must obey him in order to live.    Thrown together under impossible circumstances, Sean learns the awful truth of her past and realizes that despite it all, he still loves her.  But can he forgive the lies?  And will Mara be able to live under Sean’s stringent rules, learning to trust and submit fully to the only man she’s ever loved?  

As threats against the Decadence Masters become fierce, answers are at long last revealed.  Come visit old friends and as always watch desire ignite, love simmer, while kink and sex burn blazing hot in the best damn BDSM club in the southwest.    

Second Time Lucky is a full-length erotic romance novel that includes sexual scenes, spankings, anal play, toys, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, you are definitely on the wrong blog!  

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