Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Put on your Sham-Wow panties and join Kristin Elyon on Wicked Wanton Wednesday

I love that… Sham-Wow.  Kristin Elyon makes her first appearance on my blog and are we in for a treat, so I hope you’re sham-wow ready.  Freeing Lana looks like a hot one and the excerpt she’s brought with her today is definitely that… HOT!  What I love about this excerpt is that the hero doesn’t even say a word, but she melts beneath his hand.  Yowza!  Come take a peek with me at…

Freeing Lana


Lana Martin had a simple life, uncomplicated by the things that normally plagued her friends. But then terror struck and she found herself the unwilling plaything of a sexual deviant. Under his control, she is forced to endure things that would have crushed most people, but somehow she managed to stay alive long enough to be rescued and return to a normal life.

Only life would never be normal again for Lana, because she came out of the ordeal with an unsettling knowledge that she had never been truly happy before. The deeply terrifying events she had endured had done something she hadn’t expected; they had awakened something dark inside of her, a lust that could only be satisfied under the protection of a black hood. She found that only in that darkness, could she truly be free from her inhibitions.

When Daniel Morrow, the man who had held her captive is released from prison, Lana’s nightmare begins again, and she fears she will never be safe again. Her life, her future now relies on one man, the man she had once dismissed as unable to satisfy her longing, her former boyfriend Sergio Marsilis. Follow along with Lana as the darkness is awakened inside of her, and then as she searches for the one thing that has always eluded her, perfect sexual freedom.

An excerpt from Freeing Lana: 

The thought of asking him to hurry never entered her mind. The wait was hell, but what a delightful hell it was. Her dark prince knew her sins and exactly how to celebrate them, incorporating her punishment into her heavenly reward.

His hand on the small of her back told her he was ready, gently holding her in place with the warmth of a deep embrace. His free hand slid behind her, his fingers protruding past the paddle’s handle, gliding lightly across her skin. The first swat stung deep, sending rapid shockwaves through her body, and causing her skin to tingle ecstatically beneath the paddle. Her legs began to tremble immediately as she allowed her head to hang motionless beneath her.

“Thank you,” she managed, trying to make the strain in her voice sound, at the least, like it originated a bit more from pain than pleasure. But was often a trick harder than she could manage. All he had to do was let one finger slip, and touch her there, and he would know damn well how much she liked it.

A second swat came harder than the first, sending an echoing ‘smack!’ bouncing off the walls before returning to her welcoming ears. Even the sound of the paddle as it quickly reddened her ass caused a barely controllable urge to beg for more. A third swat, then a fourth and fifth came in rapid succession, stealing any delusions of control from Lana’s body, her mouth. She moaned loudly as Sergio applied the wood again and again, any semblance of displeasure lost to her completely. When she felt the handle of the paddle placed into his left hand on the small of her back, she could not hold back the whimper.

“Yes,” she said, knowing he would now know her desire, her appreciation. His finger slid effortlessly inside her aching opening, the sopping sound it made only heightening her desire, her need. A second finger found no further resistance than the first, as he quickened the pace, plowing his fingers inside her again and again. It was only when a third finger was added, that the pace slowed, her pussy tightened around him hungrily.

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Maddie’s Intimate Authors Corner
Yippee!  Another first timer, a newbie, a rookie, a neophyte, and yes, as they say in my neck of the woods…  greenhorn!  Bwah ha ha.  Come into the corner little fly said the spider, stay awhile and answer all of my probing questions. 

Blink!  Huh?  What?  I think I was channeling the evil Maddie, because my corner is cozy and welcoming.

So tell me, as a new author what is your biggest challenge?

KE:  Listening to the constant voices in my head. When I have a clear idea of the story line my characters seem to take me around in circles a couple times before they all agree on what’s going to happen next.

MT:  Reviews, getting them good or bad are a nature of the business.  What do you think about reviews? Do you take them personally, use them as an opportunity for growth or change, or do you just get royally pissed off??

KE:  I personally don’t worry about them too much. Most of the one star reviews have just two or three words just bashing the story and those aren’t important to me and I think my readers don’t bother looking at them either. If I was given a bad review with critique or criticism I would certainly look into it.

MT:  What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

KE:  Keep Writing. Always.

MT:  Very good.  How about some fun questions…

Since becoming an author, I rarely have time to read (and that’s such a shame).  What are you reading right now? 

KE:  I’m beta reading a couple things but I can’t even tell you what it is. It is super hush hush!  I just finished reading Torrent by Gemma James and that was a fantastic dark story. Wanting it All by Livia Grant was an amazing intense BDSM/ spanking story. My Viking Vampire by Krystal Shannan a super incredible bdsm paranormal story. Given to the Savage by Natasha Knight ohhh the yummy spankings in that book!

MT:  Tease!  Now you have us all waiting and wondering 

Do you read outside of the genre you write?  If so, else do you enjoy to read?

KE:  Oh yes! I read bdsm, spanking romance, dark erotica, and paranormal stories.

MT:  Who is your favorite author/why?

KE:  I have way too many to list but I am thankful to have a lot of authors, even those who don’t write in the same genre as me, I can call my friends.  There are a couple who have been with me for years even before I was an author.

MT:  Very PC of you, Kristin, not naming names.  How about movies.  That's a safe subject.  I love old movies.  When my face isn't stuck in my laptop, writing, I love to curl up on the couch with my hubby and a big bowl of buttery popcorn.  It's the best!  Do you have a movie night?  If so, what would you be watching?

KE:  Anything paranormal! The Vampire Diaries. True Blood. Walking Dead… but for movies it would have to be the Lord of the Rings series or The Matrix. Me personally I don’t like soda at all but I would love a tall lemonade and chocolate. The crunch a bunch is my favorite movie snack!

MT:  Do your friends/family know you write erotic fiction?

KE:  At this time, only my mother does. We have that sort of epic connection. We would always make sexual innuendos and talk and laugh about sexual things all the times. She says she will never read FSoG but she would read mine.

MT:  Oh!  You and mom must go see the movie!  That would be so much fun.  My mother has passed, but she would be at my door with pre-purchased tickets online, a wig and dark glasses.  She would drag me kicking and screaming to be the very first one in line!
Thanks for dropping by Kristin.  It was great getting to know you better.