Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Love In An Elevator On WIP It Up Wednesday


I'm still dithering over the title for my current WIP and have narrowed it down to either Lanie's Lessons or Only With You.  The former reflects the fun side of the story with lots of role-play and spankings, the latter is the underlying romance and drama in the story as the couple explores a new dynamic in their marriage.  Read my blurb and my excerpt and let me know what you think. 

The Blurb:
Law Professor Ethan Fischer is tired of seeing his Type A personality wife bottling up everything inside.  She's not sleeping, has lost weight and their sex life is beginning to suffer.  Something's got to give. 

Lanie Fischer is a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom.  Exerting a tight control over her emotions, she's earned the nickname; the Ice Queen.  Stress at the firm has been mounting and without an effective outlet she's an emotional wreck, but she internalizes everything refusing to let it show.  It's beginning to affect her private life, especially

her marriage.

Ethan turns to a psychologist who recommends a rather radical approach--role play and lots of spankings.  It will be up to Ethan to set up scenarios where Lanie can set aside her professional persona and learn to let go. 
An erotic romance contains graphic sex, spankings, elements of BDSM, medical scenes, mild age play elements, and anal sex.
The Excerpt:
Facing the elevator wall, her fingers blanched as she gripped the brass rail.  She tensed as she felt his hands slide around her waist and locate her button.  Soon the zipper was undone and he was easing her pants down.  “Spread your legs so that your pants are held snug around your knees.   That will keep them off the floor and from getting dirty.”

Always considerate, her Ethan.  His fingers found the waistband of her panties next. 

“Please, honey.  Can’t we do this when we get home?”

“No.” Succinct, too.  “I want you sitting on this tenderized ass all through dinner.  Maybe it will serve as a reminder to curb that acerbic tongue.”

A tenderized ass?  He was going to spank her, not fuck her.  Relief mixed with disappointment, then was quickly replaced by horror.  A bare handed spanking would be loud in the metal elevator car—a good fucking would be quieter.  She could bite her lip or he could cover her mouth with his hand, but skin on skin was loud and it would surely echo up and down the resonant elevator shaft and no doubt be heard by everyone throughout the fifty-two story high rise. 

A whoosh and a thwap sounded as a thin line of flames burst along both bottom cheeks.  Holy hell!  What was that?  It felt like a cane, but where on earth would he have gotten one in a freakin’ elevator.  She sucked in a breath at the sting, turning to see what it was.

“Eyes front and be still,” he ordered sternly, his free hand clamping firmly around her waist to keep her in position.  In the same low rumbling voice, he warned.  “You have nine more and then we’ll talk.  But if you keep moving, I’ll have to add more.”

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