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Wicked Wanton Wednesday An Odyssey with LA Cloutier

Wicked Wanton Wednesday is a triple threat this week, presenting a set of BDSM treats from L.A. Cloutier.  
LA is the first friend I made when I dipped my pen into the inky complex world of writing and publishing.  It isn't easy to navigate the waters alone.  Coming on board about the same time, we were both wandering around aimlessly together.   LA and I connected through social media and what she didn't know I acted like I did--LOL.  She helped with my techie challenges and we both acted as sounding boards for each other when we got frustrated.  It was a wonderful symbiotic relationship from the start and happily continues today. 
About L.A.
An author with a new twist on storytelling.  People have called her work edgy, seamy, HOT, erotic, tantalizing and somewhat sinful.   I'd have to add intense.
LA likes to write in the erotica/BDSM genres.  She brings her characters to life in such a way that you can't help but want to be one of them.  She has a very naughty mind and likes to share it.

The Story of L:

A young woman's erotic journey into the world of bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism, as she struggles to serve two masters. 

This is trilogy is 3-books combined into a boxed set at a super 1/3 off the individual cover price.  Over 500 steamy, erotic, BDSM laced pages.  You can also buy them alone, but why would you??  . 
Trey loves L's submissive heart, but he wants more from her. He wants her to be his slave. He arranges to offer her as a pledge to his secret society. L knows little of what she is about to experience, but she knows that Trey loves her and she wants to make him happy any way she can, even if it means enduring two weeks of slave training at The Inn.
One of the Masters takes a special interest in L. He knows it could cost him his job, but something grips him deeply about her, driving him mad! He, too, wants her to be his.
The words that started L’s journey. Taken from Odyssey:
"You've passed your first test, and have embarked on the voyage of your training to pleasure me.  You have followed my command, which is to be the first of many that you will be expected to follow without hesitation.  You have obeyed without question and verified your desire to participate voluntarily in the induction of the Sacred Sacraments of Service, as my proffered pledge," he said calmly, as he admired the lovely full-length sparkling wedding gown she was secluded under.
L is in store for a few new surprises when she finishes her slave training at The Inn. Trey has taken the liberty of moving her out of her apartment and telling her employer she has quit her job. He has decided to take her on a vacation to the Caribbean Islands.
While on their trip, he explains to her why he has entrusted Clay to take care of her discipline and punishments. As L settles into her new life, Trey gives her some reading assignments in order to help her better understand what it means to be his slave. L remains contemplative about what Trey really wants from her until he announces an upcoming business trip. And although L doesn't know it yet, he has a surprise in store for her just before he leaves.
Not wanting L to be alone during his absence, he arranges to have her stay with Clay.
Clay is intent upon making the most of her stay with him and holds a few surprises of his own, but all does not go according to plan when something unexpected happens that affects them all.

A short excerpt from my favorite chapter. Chosen from Enlightenment: Have you ever been teased and pleased by a tiny little vibrating egg? Clay makes an afternoon of it with L.

He groaned as he slid to his knees and spread her thighs open, looking at the seeping wetness gathered along her puffy little slit. He blew against her wetness and she shivered. "Don't come, L," he whispered.

"Yes, Master," she whispered again, her lips quivered as she fought mentally against the growing arousal. Clay leaned his face forward and ran his tongue from the bottom of her lips to the top. L groaned loudly and started to beg. "Please Master, please stop, I'm not going to be able to stop myself," she lamented, her hands now on the edge of the sink behind her, her hips straining to keep from thrusting her mound into his face.

"Not yet… hold on," he crooned and stuck his tongue between her lips and claimed her clit, feeling the vibrations of the egg.

"Oh, Master, please… I'm going to come, I can't fight this anymore," she cried out lustfully, her hips dancing to the hum of the egg in little stirring motions. Clay pulled his mouth from her, fully intoxicated and ready to spill himself in his jeans as he reached into his pocket and placed his finger on the button he knew would send her over the edge.

"You can fight this, and you will… for me," he tried to sound stern, but his need was making that hard. That voice in the back of his head kept telling him –Take her. Fuck her. Claim her so hard there will be no doubt in her mind who she really belongs to. Who he wanted her to belong to—him. He pressed the high-speed button, his mouth quickly returning to her throbbing clit. "Now," he commanded, groaning loudly as he sucked at everything that she had to offer.

Although free from her duplicitous master, L is anything but free. Now she has reason to believe that he has stolen her identify and embroiled her in his embezzlement scheme. Worried that she will be implicated, she works to clear her good name.
Clay is ready to finally make her his and his alone. However, that hope dwindles when L expresses her desire to end her membership at The Inn. She no longer wishes to be a pleasure slave or to have another Master in her life. What will that mean for their future together?
In the final book of the trilogy, L's odyssey into the world of BDSM continues. But after a betrayal from her last master, can L learn to trust again? Will she trust Clay enough to share both her heart and her secret? Can this turbulent couple learn to set aside the pain from the past and find Redemption?

The Wanton moment from my favorite in this trilogy, Redemption:  Clay and L are acting like lovesick teenagers  on his couch.
 "Get up," he said huskily, pulling away from her lips. He loved the look of mild confusion in her eyes as he rolled her from him. He stood up, putting his hands on her shoulders. "The dress stays bunched around your waist like that, I like the way it looks," he said as he admired her. "Sit… here," he guided her to the middle of the couch.
As L sat, Clay knelt down between her legs.  
"Scoot forward, baby. I want your ass right at the edge." He helped her by hooking his arms at the bend of her knees and pulling her. She gasped when her bottom made contact with his stomach, and he smiled. His fingers roamed her thighs for a moment enjoying her heat against his abdomen. "I want you to hold your legs for me," he said softly, pushing her thighs back towards her chest. "Tightly," he pushed a bit more and put her hands where he wanted her to hold them. "That's it," he said, in that dark tone she loved.
"It opens everything up to me," he averted his eyes to her pussy. The slick wetness slowly oozing from it would soon be a trickle down to that dark tight little hole of hers.
She felt a little cramped in this position as she pulled her thighs back, holding herself wide open for him. She wouldn't be able to move very much, but she would be able to see everything he intended to do to her.

 Maddie's Intimate Authors Corner

MT:  My intimate question for LA was what was her most wicked, wanton experience from 2013.  Of course, she gave me an earful

LA:  What a provoking question you have Maddie. I really had to think about this one. I can recall a few times last year where something made me feel a bit ‘wicked’ and ‘wanton’. Sometimes it was something I was reading, and sometimes it was something I was writing, but the one that sticks out in my mind the most is… Oh sheesh! I feel naughty just sharing this. I was at our local mall doing some Christmas shopping. It was only a couple of days before Christmas and the place was pretty packed. I was looking for something special in a little shop called ‘Things Remembered’ … That store now holds a whole new meaning for me. While I was bent over, looking at some elegant little trinket I felt a hand softly pass across my rear. This was no casual brush either, it was definitely a purposeful touch. When I stood up and looked over my shoulder, the culprit –who by the way was very good looking and had mind melting, gorgeous, bright blue eyes—smiled at me. I swear I felt my knees go weak and my heart flutter as heat spread across my face, all the way to my ears. I was definitely feeling ‘wanton’ and I wished I could have followed up with ‘wicked’.
MT:  Wow, LA.  Groped in a gift shop.  Sounds like a title for a new story.  My wicked mind is awhirl with possibilities.  Do you think you can top that this year?
LA:  For this year? I’m going back to ‘Things remembered’ two days before Christmas ;-)
MT:  Naughty, naughty LA, but that's why we get along so well.  Love that!  Thanks for stopping by with all your wicked imaginings my friend.  Come back anytime.  And please forgive me for the late post.  My mind is mush from my WIP these days.
LA:  Thank you so much for having me, Maddie. It’s always an honor to be featured on your blog. What is your most ‘wanton’ experience of 2013, Maddie? I think the hostess should share too.

MT:  Oh my LA, I have so many where do I begin?  I suppose the most wanton is when my DH decided to expand our toy collection.  We always buy a new one for our anniversary and celebrate by trying it out that night.  One year it was a red leather/fuzzy paddle (yum), another Benwa balls (not really impressed).  In 201,3 he outdid himself and introduced me to Jack... Jack Rabbit that is.  Yowza!  He tormented me for hours, literally.  We set a record for the big "O" that night which he has tried to break ever since.  I blush when I admit we wore one out in the first six months and had to order another.  This year he gifted me early with a new delight.  It comes with a three prong plug, NO, not what you're thinking, the electrical kind.  It was a Hitachi and is absolutely cataclysmic on low.  I have to admit that I can't even tolerate high.  He's saving that for our anniversary tomorrow night.  Pray for me LA!!!!  
Thanks for stopping by everyone.  Make sure to drop in next week when my guest author will be Liv Honeywell.

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