Friday, February 14, 2014

With Hearts Aflame Authors Survey. And the Winner is...

Finally, I am ready to reveal the results of the With Hearts Aflame authors survey.  It was a lot of fun and I thank everyone who participated.

Favorite Cover:  Master My Love  37%
                             Lovely Little Liar  21%
Hottest Hero:     Master Eric from Master My Love  45%
                            Vin from Lovely Little Liar  30%
Best Heroine:    Valerie from Master My Love  31%
                            Sinclair from Sweet Sinclair   27%
Most Likely to Push the Envelope:  Maren Smith with a whopping 63%. 
How can we compete with the exhilarating, titillating, scintillating and oft times scandalous  Masters of the Castle.  Although I did try with a ride on the carousel and Dinah did with her first BDSM scene, but we must bow to the master.  Or should I say Mistress Maren?  <giggle>
Yo Mama--Most Nurturing and Motherly of the Group:  Another close one. 
Maren Smith:  32%
Dinah McLeod  29%
Although all of these lovely ladies are very nurturing, I found that Patty was our cheerleader, time keeper and task master when it came to deadlines for blog posts and submitting blurbs and excerpts.   I think she may have evening scolded a few of us procrastinators, sweetly and kindly of course.
Cover Diva:  Maddie Taylor 48%
Yes, it was me and I did send it back 4 times for revision.  But, it was worth the effort because of the positive feedback.  I had a picture in mind for Master Eric and Valerie and I just wouldn't settle for less.  I think the finished product is sexy and Eric's hand wrap around Val's pearls makes me all tingly inside every time I look at it ~sigh~
Most Punctual:  Patty Devlin 24% 
This was another toss up and until late this evening there was a three way tie.  Unfortunately, readers, your streak ends here.  It was actually Robin Smith who beat us all into submission, with the deadline, of course.  Patty was a close second.  It's possible she could have been first, but a last minute revision caused a delay but was well worth the extra effort.  So voters, you were close, but no cigar.
Biggest Insomniac:  Dinah McLeod with 51% of the vote was the hands down winner. 

Have you slept since the release date Dinah?  I doubt it, I think I saw she had another new release today.  The woman is a dynamo!
Most Likely To Exceed:  Maren Smith 63%

We can't fool you.  Indeed, Maren exceeded our target word count for the novellas with >43,000 words in Sweet Sinclair.  Well above the 28K limit we had set.  Of course, Patty, Dinah and Maddie also were non-compliant.  So you lucky readers got bonus chapters.  Yippee!
Coffee Whore...  The DISHONOR goes to Patty Devlin 41%

I do have to give honorable mention to Maren and Robin who admittedly pulled some all-nighters at the end and I heard them talking about more pots (note plural) of coffee.  Thanks for being a good sport Patty, we had a lot of fun with her on this category, at least I did.

There you have it.  That was a blast and I thank all of you who participated.
Now for what you have really been waiting for. 

Drum roll please...
The $10 Amazon gift card winner is 
Alyssa Hart. 
Congratulations Alyssa. 

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