Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wicked Wanton Wednesday. Got a minute? Then you have time for a quickie with Angela Sargenti.


It's Wednesday, that means it's time for something wicked, wanton, salacious, carnal, spicy, exciting, sensual... well, you catch my drift, I'm sure.
During my post today the word quickie came up several times.  A quickie is defined as a brief, spontaneous episode of sex last for a very brief time.  Fun for an occasional snack, but I wouldn't want it to become a staple on my menu of sex.  However, while conducting a little research on the quickie, I found this lovely article, an added time saver in our very hectic days.  Check out the best quickie sex positions courtesy of Cosmo...
Now, without further ado...  Allow me to introduce my guest author today, Angela Sargenti, self-proclaimed Queen of Short Attention Span Erotica.  Got a minute?  Then you have time for a quickie with Angela. 
Let's take a peak at her newest release, Lord Sir Beast

When a well-bred maiden meets a monster, will she be flooded with fear or enflamed by lust; and can the crude beast be tamed with such a tender touch?


“What must I do, Beast?  What must I do to make you my own?”

As soon as I said it, I blushed, for I had a pretty good notion what my task entailed.  I raised up my hips, grabbed hold of his manhood, and brought it to my opening.

“Yes,” he moaned.  “Just so.”

And I rammed myself down onto his shaft and cried out.  I felt him arch into me, and something inside me yielded and tore.

“Oh, Beast, you have killed me!”

“No, Wife.  The pain will subside, I swear to you.”

So I stayed motionless, the beast’s manhood buried deep within me, and only a few moments later, I knew he spoke the truth.  The sharp stabbing pain lasted but a moment, giving way to a warm, dull, throbbing ache, not much different to the ache of simply wanting a man day in and day out and never getting one.

I drew a deep breath and realized how fulfilled I felt.  This was what my heart had been searching for for years.

“Oh, yes, Beast.  Fill me.  Have me.  Heal me.”

“Watch me,” said he.

So I opened my eyes and watched him, my glorious, beautiful husband-to-be.  I wondered what would become of me if the curse overtook him again.

“I don’t even know your name,” I told him.

“Rupert Milborne, Lord Stagsworth, and you, my dear, shall be Lady Stagsworth.  But only if we may get back to the matter at hand.”

I smiled down at him.

“Yes, my lord.  As you wish.”

Maddie's Intimate Authors Corner
I love a guest who is open, honest and willing to share all the naughty details of there private life.  Don't you?  I asked Angela about her most wicked, wanton experience in 2013.  She treated us by also answered the B. question, what would you like it to be in 2014?

Angela:  My most wicked moment had to be the day I met my husband at the door when he got home from work.  I was dressed in a beautiful baby-doll nightgown and I presented him with a brand-new flogger.  We sure had a fun and interesting time that evening, playing and experimenting with it.

What would you like it to be in 2014?

I think I’d like to tie him up, blindfolded and tease him to tears.  Or he can do the same to me.  Either way.
MT:  Either way sounds delicious.  I hope you get to make that dream a reality in 2014, Angela.  Come back and tell us how it all went down.  Won't you???

Thanks for stopping in, Angela and best of luck on your new release. 

Stop by again next week when my guest will be Alta Hensley.  See you then.

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