Friday, January 17, 2014

Fan's of The Naughty List... We're Back!!!!! On SatSpanks

 Fan's of The Naughty List... We're Back!!!!!
And you hear it on #SatSpanks first. 
(Except for the slip ups by Patty,
of course <wink>)
Yes, the authors of the popular Christmas compilation have cooked up a decadent, delicious, delightfully daring boxed set just in time for Valentine's Day.
With Hearts Aflame
Patty Devlin - Lovely Little Liar
Dinah McLeod - Love Hurts
Maren Smith - Sweet Sinclair
Maddie Taylor - Master My Love
Robin Smith - Love Potion #9
Release Date:  January 29, 2014
Some of you may be asking what happened to Renee Rose, unfortunately she had a prior commitment, but we look forward to working with her again in the near future.  A big thanks to Robin for stepping up and filling her spot.   
My contribution is Master My Love, a Club Decadence extra. 
In Master My Love, we get to visit the new club in Los Angeles.  Decadence LA is even sexier and edgier than the original.   As you would expect, there are gorgeous Doms, sassy subs, lots of kinky play, steamy sex and lots of BDSM for your enjoyment. 
I even have a cameo appearance from yummy, San Antonio Dom, Lil T.  Of course, a Decadence novel would not be complete without a few sexy spankings as well. 
Master My Love is a new addition to my series, but it can also stand alone  
In today's snippet, Valerie is being punished by Master Eric for daydreaming during the beginner's class he has assigned her to attend.  A newbie, she needs to learn the basics about the lifestyle before he will let her play.  Her punishment includes a spanking bench, a leather and fur paddle, and a very sexy Master Dom. 
My snippet... eight lines of erotica:

“Naughty girl,” his husky voice rumbled as two more crisp swats landed.  This time they were lower and triggered a tingling response in her nearby core.  “What were you dreaming about?”

“I… um, well—”

He applied four more quick swats.  “We’ll have to curb your tendency for stalling.  I’m not always in a patient mood.”  Picking up the paddle and holding it where she could see, he asked her again.  “What were you dreaming about?”

“You, Master Eric.  I was dreaming of you.”

Off to the rest of the blog hop with you now...  Have fun.


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