Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Daddy needs his big girl, right now.


Tough Love: Mandy's Take-Charge Daddy is NOW LIVE!!!


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Newlyweds Aiden and Amanda Montgomery aren’t short on ambition or passion. Between work and play, life is pretty intense for them both. As Aiden introduces Amanda to the lifestyle, things promise to get even hotter.

But when Aiden senses his bride is hesitant to surrender herself fully to him, he’ll stop at nothing, even resorting to tough love to earn her complete trust. Can a long, steamy weekend where Aiden is in total control convince Mandy that her groom can also be her forever Daddy?

NSFW Excerpt:  

She was putting on her socks—anklets with a purple strip around the top—when he walked out, hair damp and curling on the ends, water droplets beaded on his shoulders, and a towel wrapped around his waist. Goodness gracious, approaching forty he was gorgeous and as toned and fit as a man a decade younger. She gawked appreciatively until he skidded to a halt and stared back at her, lips parted in surprise as his gaze raked down her body.
“What?” she asked, bending slightly forward and looking where he did but seeing nothing wrong. “Do I have it on backward?”
“You’re not wearing a bra.”
She frowned. “You didn’t lay one out. I figured if a three-year-old doesn’t drink wine, then a nine-year-old doesn’t wear a bra—at least not the ones I have which are mostly jewel tones, strapless, or made of sheer lace.”
He swallowed, making his Adam’s apple bob. “I hadn’t realized the top would be so clingy. I can see the outline of your nipples, and, fuck me, baby girl, you look fantastic.”
“Swear jar!” she exclaimed.
“I’ll gladly pay up because damn, Mandy.”
“Naughty Daddy,” she said with a shake of her head. “That’s two. You’re up to $60 plus the $20 you owe from last night.”
Stalking toward her with a familiar glint of arousal in his eyes, he dropped his towel and she couldn’t miss what else was aroused.
“Um…are we done playing?”
“Not even close. Remember when I said you’re always a big girl, no matter what age you are as Mandy?”
“On your back on the bed. Daddy needs his big girl, right now. And, I know I’m up to $100 in fines from this conversation alone, but I’ll pay ten times as much to get my hands on your fabulous tits and sink my cock into your wet pussy.”
Her breath caught in her throat, and her heart pounded with excitement when he caught her around the waist and pulled her into his arms, his face diving into the bend of her neck where he kissed her.
“I can’t keep up without a calculator,” she cried raggedly as he bent her over his arm and his open mouth slid over her throat.
“What if I put in $300 for what else I’m going to say in the next little bit and we call it even?”
“Okay,” she whispered.
She hadn’t realized he’d been walking her backward until her legs hit the edge of the mattress. “On the bed, now.”
Obediently, she sat, which put her at eye-level with his rigid cock and the fist slowly stroking it. It was big, and beautiful like the rest of him.
Mandy licked her lips. “That looks painful. I could kiss it for you and make it all better.”
He groaned, his hand moving faster. “Right here, now,” he ordered in a raw, husky voice as he pointed at the floor at his feet.
Eagerly, she dropped to her knees. 

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  1. I got this book to find out WHY this lifestyle attracts strong women. And I found myself emotionally invested to the point of years when Mandy said "I'm sowwee" . It made me wonder because while I had great parents my childhood was full of teasing and bullying I never could talk about to my folks. Tears ran down my face remembering and wondering. Thank you for an incredible book, including the steamy scenes.