Saturday, January 12, 2019

What Happens When Fire Meets Ice? Get Claimed and Find Out!

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An excerpt from . Claimed by the Warlord:

Mired in misery, Aurelia struggled to draw air past her parched lips and the rawness of her throat from near-constant coughing. Exhausted, she had long since given up trying to extinguish the growing fires with her ineffective powers. When a hissing sound filled the room, she lacked the strength to open her eyes and identify the source. It started low then grew louder. Only when a cool mist settled over her hot skin did she crack open one eyelid.

Unlike the thick gray caustic smoke from the fire, a white, hazy vapor swirled between the bars. She thought she imagined it, and the pair of black boots that emerged from within it, but the misty spray against her hot skin felt very real.

Squinting at the boots as they approached, she noted how they differed from those the Ophig slavers wore. They were much larger and attached to long, thick legs encased in metallic silver.

Alarmed this was a new threat, perhaps sent by the horned red devil from the auction, she tried to move to the back of her small cell. Her muscles wouldn’t cooperate, however, nor would her lungs, which contracted in another spasm of coughing. She could only stare helplessly at the being on the other side of her cage.

While craning her head back, she let her gaze travel past narrow hips and a broad upper torso, also covered in silver. It had to be a protective suit of some kind because affixed to it, atop incredibly wide shoulders, was a helmet with a dark, impenetrable face visor.

Blinking rapidly, she tried to clear her burning eyes to be sure it wasn’t a hallucination brought on by the lack of oxygen. She’d heard visions and aberrations of the senses often occurred when close to death—this would explain the mist. But her doubts vanished when he moved forward, his legs nearly brushing the bars.

He appeared huge from her place on the floor. She couldn’t tell for certain, but she judged him a head taller than her brother who stood taller than most of her people. The black shield covering his face prevented her from seeing who or what he was, and reflected only her image. Lying defenseless, her face flushed from the heat, with lungs heaving as she quivered fearfully in the awful cage wasn’t an image she’d soon forget—at least in what little time she had left.

His legs bent into a squat, and he ran his fingers over the bars. Since he didn’t recoil in pain, she surmised the mist had cooled them enough to touch. Aurelia reached for them as well, intending to pull herself upright, but the metal burned hotter than before, and she cried out in pain.

The being spoke sharply, but the words were muffled by his helmet. While she cradled one burning hand with the other, he gripped the bars and pulled.

“I tried that,” she muttered. “They’re solid. You’ll have to cut them…”

Her voice stopped altogether when the now brightly glowing metal bowed outward.

“Impossible,” she whispered.


One people, divided by treachery and greed. 
A fiery Warlord, as ruthless as he is honorable. 
An ethereal Princess, as beautiful as she is loyal to her people. 
Though as different as fire and ice, they are drawn together by an intensely intimate connection.

This pair of unlikely lovers wields the power to mend the rift between their worlds, but an unknown entity wants her dead. Can he keep her safe while uncovering the insidious murderous threat? Or will it wrench them apart and bring their people to the brink of war, yet again. 

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