Saturday, September 22, 2018

Chicks Dig Tattoos

A study out of the Jagiellonian Medical College of Poland tells us what we've long suspected. 

Chicks dig tattoos!

I know I do... yum!

The men and women in the study were shown pictures of men with tattoos and asked to rate them (so this is a judging the book by the cover only study) on the following factors:

Attractiveness to women
Potential as a good partner and parent

Here's what they found.

Women rated the tatted men healthier, but not more or less attractive than those without ink

Men think guys with tattoos are more attractive to women, and they see these men as a threat to getting the girl. 

If this is true, it explains why displaying ink has grown in popularity.  Would you have coffee with him? Uh, yeah!!!

Both men and women thought ink represented masculinity, dominance, and aggression.

Women saw men with tattoos as good partners, but only for a short-term, not particularly marriage or father of the year candidates.

So, when you're looking for that hot and steamy one nighter, maybe you should let the tattoo be your guide. But remember, its all about perception and you can't necessarily judge what's inside by that gorgeous tatted up cover. 

Which would you choose?

This?or that?

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