Friday, February 2, 2018

Celebrating 200,000 Pageviews

OMG, I blinked and missed it!  

But I had to have a belated celebration,
 so I gathered together some of my favorite things.  
Enjoy, I know I had a fabulous time selecting them  :)



Sweet, adorable, and YUMMY!

Yummy, and necessary to sustain life! ;)

Having Sex:  HOT, Yummy, and very necessary!

Having Naughty Sex...  What do you think??

Reading about having Hot, Yummy, Naughty Sex... 
Just a whole lot of fun!!!

Writing about Hot, Yummy, Naughty Sex...absolutely necessary!!! All those voices and thoughts in my head just have to come out.


Coldplay, love them!  Often playing in my writing nook. 

Fix You
Speed of Sound
Viva La Vida

Pink roses, my favorite flower.  Grow in my garden, and in the summer I keep a vase of fresh cut roses and other flowers in a vase in my writing nook... not necessary, but they make me happy.

My human and furry-faced family... with a husband, two sons, a cat and a dog, sometimes that's one and the same.

These were a few of my favorite things!!!

And here's to another 200,000 visitors!!!

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