Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sara Fields and Her (Three) Alien Doctors are in the House... Can Anyone Say Anal Probe? Yowza, It Sure is a Wicked Wanton Wednesday Up in Here!

I’ve always been a big proponent of alternative medicine.  Sara Fields is of the same thought, and has gone beyond ‘take two aspirins and call me in the morning’ with her brand new Sci-fi release.  And lucky us, she’s brought along a very special treatment with a mega boost of healing power because its administered by Her Alien Doctors.  Yes…doctors…as in plural, and these three out of this world MDs (yes, I said three!) have the cure for what ails you!    

Wowza!!!  I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately. How can I make an appointment?  <cough, cough, sniff> 

But even if the good doctors are all booked up, never fear.  Sara’s medical play scene is steamy enough to knock out any spring time cold.  Let’s take a peek…

Her Alien Doctors
By Sara Fields


She felt hands touch all over her body, poking and prodding every square inch. Dean’s hands were
rough, Eric’s were more clinical, and Sean’s felt kind and caring. Dean’s fingertips pinched at her nipples and her back arched off the chair. A bolt of pleasure shot from her breasts straight down to her core and her pussy throbbed in response.

Sean massaged her bottom and felt up and down her thighs. Eric prodded her stomach, clearly looking for any signs of unhealthiness that the scanner hadn’t identified.

“I found nothing more to be concerned about. Did either of you?” Eric asked.

“No. Nothing of note. But look at how pretty her nipples are when I’ve made them all hard. It’s fucking sexy.”

“Dean’s right. Look at how flushed her body is. She’s very excited,” Sean responded softly as he ran his finger up and down her right outer thigh. Jenny shivered and licked her lips, her pussy clenching at the simple touch.

“Let’s attach the sensors next before we start with the internal exam,” Eric said calmly as he typed in a few commands into the holographic touch screen.

“What do you mean, internal?” Jenny asked nervously, her tummy tying in knots.

The three men didn’t respond, but started opening drawers to retrieve things she couldn’t quite see. Not long after, they began placing small round sticky monitors all over her body, including right on top of her mound, all over her hips, and belly.

“I have the special nipple clamp sensors here. I’ll put them on her,” Dean voiced gleefully. He stood closer to her and she could see that his face was darkening with excitement. She tried to wriggle away as his fingertips grazed over her hardened peaks, but there was no escape. He pinched them, first the left side and then the right and she groaned as energy buzzed underneath her skin.

“This is going to hurt a little bit. Don’t be afraid to cry out. In fact, I’d like it very much if you did,” he growled, his gravelly voice lowering as he bent down toward her ear.

She looked down at her breasts and watched with both horrified and lustful fascination as he laid a doughnut-shaped object over her nipple. With a soft click, he turned a tiny knob and at once, it tightened around her sensitive bud. Gradually the clamp constricted her and she groaned at the sensation. He repeated the treatment on the other side and when he was finished, her nipples felt big and extremely hard. Pinched as they were, her buds ached, both with pleasure and pain. Her breathing quickened as she struggled to get used to the idea.

Dean touched the tip of each nipple and she cried out at the incredible tremors washing over her. It hurt and it hurt a lot, but she didn’t hate it. Instead, every nerve in her body felt like it was on fire and ready for more. She could feel the wetness gathering between her legs. There was a growing need, deep in her core, for something more, something to satiate her lust, but she didn’t quite know what.

Eric’s voice startled her from her musings and she looked up apprehensively.

“I’ll insert the device into her vaginal entrance and guide the attachment into her anal cavity. Sean, why don’t you boot up the analytical software.”


After nineteen-year-old Jenny Monroe is caught stealing from the home of a powerful politician, she is sent to a special prison in deep space to be trained for her future role as an alien’s bride.

Despite the public bare-bottom spanking she receives upon her arrival at the detention center, Jenny remains defiant, and before long she earns herself a trip to the notorious medical wing of the facility. Once there, Jenny quickly discovers that a sore bottom will now be the least of her worries, and soon enough she is naked, restrained, and shamefully on display as three stern, handsome alien doctors examine and correct her in the most humiliating ways imaginable.

The doctors are experts in the treatment of naughty young women, and as Jenny is brought ever closer to the edge of a shattering climax only to be denied again and again, she finds herself begging to be taken in any way they please. But will her captors be content to give Jenny up once her punishment is over, or will they decide to make her their own and master her completely?

Publisher’s Note: Her Alien Doctors is the second book in the Captive Brides series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Author Bio:

Sara is an author specializing in erotic spanking romance, who spends the day doing science, and writes by night. She has been on the spanking scene for many years, and has experienced all different types of spankings, from sensual, to fun, to punishments, including all of the implements she writes about!  Sara finally decided to branch out and write some hot spanking fiction, so she could share the sexy fantasies that happen deep in the recesses of her creative mind.

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