Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dinah McLeod: Giving us what we need in this WWW sci fi book blast - Check it Out!

Dinah McLeod is my guest author today, and brought along her debut SciFi novel, Mated Against Her Will

This is book 2 in the new Captives of Pra'kir series, and with a star studded line up of authors, its something you simply can't miss.

Fans of Dinah's sexy, spanky, contemporary and western books are going to love this extraterrestrial addition to her catalog. If this is your first taste of Dinah's work, you're in for an interstellar treat. 

Thanks for visiting today, Dinah.  And. like Binnix, thanks for giving the readers not only what they want, but what they need.  J


Sarai, a top communication specialist, is thrilled when offered a coveted spot aboard the SS Reconnaissance and a one-way trip to Earth's first terraforming project: Zeta 12. However, elation quickly turns to panic when their shuttle goes down, crash-landing on an unfamiliar planet. After a brief trial, which she is neither invited to witness nor participate in, she finds herself being handed over to an alien “foster parent.”

This species might look human, but larger-than-life, superbly sculpted and with scolding glances that had a way of turning women into submissive puddles (or was that just her?), the Pra’kir are anything but. From the moment she is taken prisoner, the only thing Sarai can think of is escape. She is hard at work trying to accomplish just that when she stumbles onto something that changes how she thinks about her alien captor…and herself.

Despite his personal tragedy when the humans' shuttle crashed, Binnix must put his resentment aside to focus on the strange, yet alluring creature that is now his houseguest. Though he reluctantly accepts his task to mold her into a model citizen, he is soon surprised to find he has feelings for her. He tries to keep his growing emotions at bay, but soon the desire to tame her overtakes him and he must know what it feels like to dominate such a soft, yet stubborn woman.

A woman who longs for home can’t possibly find it in herself to give up her dreams for the alien who demands her submission…can she?


     “I told you that I would be taking your clothing down.”
      Somehow, in the wake of the blistering swats he’d been delivering, she’d managed to forget. “Please, I’ll be good! I promise!”
      “I don’t think the promises of you Earthlings means much.”
      Ouch. The comment didn’t sting near as much as the spanking he was giving her, but still. “Binnix! Please!” His soft, answering chuckle surprised her. What had she done? Had she pronounced it wrong?
     “That is the first time,” he told her, his hand smacking with each and every word, “that you have said my name. Normally, I instruct those I am punishing to call me ‘Master’ but this once, I will allow it. I find that I like the sound of my name on your lips.”
      “You mean you like to hear me beg,” she countered, her voice a pitiful moan.
      “That too. I cannot deny it.”
      Sarai groaned as his hand continued to smack down on her now bare flesh. It had been bad enough that, once confined to the prison, they’d given her ill-fitting, dull garb to wear. But the fact that they apparently didn’t wear underwear on this planet had left her feeling undressed even with the too long tunic draped over her body. Now she had to wonder if it had anything to do with wanting easy access to her behind.
      Even knowing that he had her firmly trapped didn’t stop her from trying with all her might to wiggle her bottom away from the unforgiving sting of his palm. When she couldn’t move so much as a muscle, frustration piled on top of the heat in her ass and made the tears prickling her eyes begin to fall down her cheeks.
     “Please,” she said again, choking on a sob. “You have to stop.”
     “Actually, I don’t. That is the beauty of being in charge. I don’t have to do anything, except provide for your needs, which is precisely what I am doing.”
     “You call abuse providing for my needs?” she demanded, beginning to sob quietly.
     “This is not abuse—whatever that means. I am providing you with discipline, which you are clearly in great need of.”

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