Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hotness on a Harley... Dayum! Maggie Carpenter on Wicked Wanted Wednesday

In some of the hottest books I've read, the hero rode a Harley.  So when I saw that Maggie Carpenter had a biker novel, I scooped it right up.  Then, I looked at the cover.  


My next move was to IM Maggie and invite her on WWW.  

Marco is seriously HOT and he's all ours for this brief little looksee.  I'd tell you to Enjoy! but  I know that you will.

Bad Boy Angel


Marco DAngelo is living a lie. Tall, powerful, brooding, and intimidating, hes the 
muscle for a nefarious motorcycle gang, but he has been working undercover for the D.E.A., chasing a shadowy drug lord.

For two long years Marco has been forced to remain a loner, his life in constant danger, but when Kat Baldwin joins the club, he suddenly finds himself in a quandary.

Rebellious, raven-haired and green-eyed, wearing leathers that cling to her voluptuous curves, she takes his breath away. Though his keen instinct tells him theres more to Kat than meets the eye, and shes trouble with a capital T, he cant ignore the intense chemistry blazing between them.

Faster than his bike can race, Marco is under orders to spank her, but when the punishment is over, she shocks him. Chastised women drop their gaze, but not the emerald-eyed vixen. She stares up at him with unwavering scrutiny, and just minutes later she dares to challenge him.

He aches to fist her hair and crush her lips.
To consume her
To make her his.

Can he resist the ferocious desire?


As he brushed his lips against hers, his fingers began exploring her soaked pussy, and softly moaning she raised her pelvis to meet his tantalizing touch.
If we didnt have to go Id tie you up and tease you for an hour. This bed was made for my ropes.
Marco, youre killing me.
I am? How am I killing you?
The things youre saying, what youre doing, its been so long.
Spread your legs, spread them wide.
She felt her pulse quicken as he began kissing his way down her neck, continuing his lips on their journey to tongue her nipples, then languidly moving his mouth past her stomach and between her legs. As he gripped her inner thighs she felt his breath on her sex, then the tormenting tickle of his tongue against her magic nub. She clenched her fists, and as he continued to swirl and tease she prayed the sweet torture would never end. Moments later one of his hands released her leg and a finger slid inside her, and as he thrust it in and out, she could feel her orgasm building.
Marco, dont stop. Dont stop.
But he did, abruptly, and rising to his knees, he flipped her over to her stomach, grabbed her hips, and pulled her up on all fours. She expected him to take her from behind, but instead he moved to her side, placed his arm around her waist, and smoothed his hard palm over her cheeks.
Did you forget who you were talking to?he asked, landing a hard swat on both cheeks.
I, uh, what do you mean?
Youre definitely out of practice,he declared landing several more.
Dont stop? You dont tell me what to do. Its the other way around, remember?
Im sorry, Sir.
And I didnt much care for the what do you mean? A few good slaps for that, but first…” he said, letting his voice trail off as he fondled her backside and dallied his fingers in her pussy, you need some more teasing.
He continued his sweet torture until she was moaning loudly and begging to come, then landed a flurry of hot, hard smacks.
Point made?
Yes, Sir,she gasped. Point made, point made!
Do you want me?
She had whimpered the word, and moving behind her, he presented his cock to her soaked entrance and thrust forward. She threw back her head, wailing in gratitude, and as he continued to pump with ever accelerating strokes, she squeezed her eyes shut, readying herself for the imminent climax.
Ask permission.
Sir, Im there, please, Sir, please may I?
He stopped, but stayed buried inside her, and though she uttered a deep groan, she didnt protest.
Play with yourself, make yourself come.
Kat was beside herself. His cock felt huge and her bottom was hot and stinging. Urgently slipping her hand against her sex, she searched out her clit and began to rub. It was only moments later she could feel her orgasm fast approaching.
Staying buried in her glorious grotto, Marco stared down at her curvaceous red backside. He was on the edge, and if hed kept pumping he would have exploded. Everything about her was a turn-on. Her quick wit, the shape of her ass, her husky voice, the sounds of her pleasure
Please, Sir?
Yeah, baby, right now,he growled, clutching her hips and suddenly fucking her with strong, rapid strokes.
As she cried out through her climax, he erupted, his groans loud, filling the room until the intense spasms finally ebbed away and he slipped from her depths. Heart pounding he collapsed beside her, and as he felt her curl into his shoulder, he closed his eyes and breathed her in.
I wasnt expecting that,she panted. I mean, wow.
Any time you answer your door half-naked, thats what youre going to get.
What if I open it completely naked?
Try it and find out.
Good answer.
He loved how she felt. Lying in his arms, as if she belonged there. What the fuck was he going to do?





Award-winning and best-selling author Maggie Carpenter has published over fifty romance novels, and is the recipient of a number Spanking Romance Reviews awards spanning a variety of genres. Her readers describe her work as, romantic, funny, suspenseful, beyond a five-star read, exciting romance with a ton of surprises.
Her work includes a best-selling twelve-book contemporary cowboy series, Cowboys After Dark, (, a warrior fantasy trilogy, Warriors After Dark, ( contemporary love stories, and several Victorian romances. His Willful Bride was a #1 best-seller for several weeks and a BookBub Feature Deal. She is best known for her smart, witty, strong-willed women who  bring unexpected challenge, mystery and humor into the lives of passionate, dominant men.
Maggie has a history in show-business both in front of and behind the camera, but moved from Los Angeles to live in the Pacific Northwest to pursue her writing. She is an equine enthusiast who rides every day, and writes until the wee hours of the morning when her eyes close only because they must.

This author loves to hear from readers. You can contact her through her website: To sample her work for free, go to,




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