Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sneak a Peek at Sci-Fi Hotness with His By Command on #SatSpanks

I've been a busy girl lately and have another sneak preview for you.  This time its my sci-fi follow up to The Barbarian's Captive.  What better place to do a big reveal than #SatSpanks?

His By Command
By Maddie Taylor

Release date: December 13th

Two worlds. Two leaders.
Each with a crucial mission to save their people.
He wants her, she desires him,
but duty must take precedence, not passion.
Destiny has twists and turns ahead for them both.

The set up:

Maggie the captain is used to being in command, not taking orders, especially from her captor.  She also doesn’t take kindly to the Commander thinking he has the right to discipline her as is evident as she relays her first encounter with the big, handsome, very dominant alien, to her crew. 

My eight lines:

“As luck would have it, I got the commander, who didn’t take kindly to being called a big baboon, threatened to take me over his knee for punishment, then decided to leave it to the man who ultimately got to tame me.” This exploding grenade of information was quite naturally met by looks of shock from the group at her table. Another flurry of questions ensued.

“What did he mean, tame you?” This came from Jilly, one of the cooks, and the word tame seemed to slice through all the other hubbub, because they all went quiet at once.

“He meant dominate, Jilly,” Kara suddenly hissed, “don’t be dense.”

“When he said over his knee for punishment, he meant an actual spanking? Oh, my goodness.” With her blue eyes wide as moons, Jilly also set her fork aside, apparently, like many of the others, no longer hungry.

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The Blurb:

Leading an all-female crew on a deep space expedition weighs heavily on Maggie Vohlmer's young shoulders. Their mission, find a habitable planet to replace the dying Earth. With the Odyssey in orbit around a promising new world, a team of their best scientists is attacked while exploring the surface below. Maggie can only listen helplessly to their distress call as a solar storm prevents a rescue. In the aftermath, she is left with an impossible decision, pursue the powerful aliens who have taken eight of her own, or leave them to their fate while protecting the hundreds of women still under her command.

When their ship is seized by the same enemy days later, they are surprised to find their captors are gorgeous, human-like men. They are also huge, stronger, and much more advanced. Maggie can only hope they aren't the barbarians they first thought and can be reasoned with. Those hopes are dashed when they are whisked away to the aliens' world to become mates to these dominant men. They are shocked further to learn that on Primaria, men make the rules, women are expected to obey, and defiance will be met as it has for generations, with a bare bottom spanking. Reeling as their world, and mission, is turned on end, Maggie and her crew can think of nothing except escape.

As leader of the Primarian Space Fleet, Commander Roth is dedicated to protecting his people from otherworldly threats, as well as searching out a compatible species that will help save his dwindling race. With so much at stake, he doesn't have time for a mate. But destiny has other plans for him, sending him the perfect match in the form of the curvy, blonde captain.

Except Maggie is unwilling to give up the fight for their freedom, not while her mission to save the people of Earth is unfulfilled. She refuses to submit willingly, and Roth will not bend. Both struggle to deny the passionate chemistry that flares hotly between them. When in a twist of fate, they are paired together, can these two determined leaders find a way to coexist? Or will Roth's resolve that she bow to his authority, and his old-fashioned brand of discipline, lead to heartache? And, in the end, can Maggie, who tries her mate's patience at every turn, find a way to rescue both worlds, while learning to acquiesce to the dominance of her unexpected mate?

Publisher's note: A stand-alone sequel to Taylor's bestselling, The Barbarian's Captive, His By Command is a romantic novel containing sexual scenes, spanking, and elements of BDSM. If this subject matter is offensive, please do not buy this book.

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