Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Assisted Self Love for The Doctor’s Little Mate on Wicked Wanton Wednesday

Meredith O’Reilly is visiting Wicked Wanton Wednesday and giving us a naughty glimpse at The Doctor’s Little Mate, her new bestselling Sci-fi romance. But to call it only that doesn’t give you the full picture because it is also erotic, filled with steamy sex, anal play, medical play, and some very sweet age play.  The hero doctor is quite dominant and the heroine determined to resist his charm, but she caves under the power of his seduction and his very adept spanking hand. 

So, yeah, it has a little something for every erotica fan.  

Maddie: Welcome Meredith.

Meredith: Hi, Maddie.  And thank you for having me over on your blog today to promote my new book.

Maddie: It’s soaring up the charts.  I know you must be thrilled.

Meredith:  I am!  And I couldn’t be more excited.

Maddie:  What kind of excerpt have you brought to share today?

Meredith grins:  Ian is being patient with Maggie, trying to convince her that they are destined to be mates.  His kisses and teasing touches are about to drive her mad.  In this snippet, Ian has promised Maggie only kisses from him for the night. However, he does give her permission to touch herself, if she chooses.

Maddie:  Oh my!  I love his bedside manner already.  Let’s dive right in.

The Doctor’s Little Mate
By Meredith O’Reilly


A shiver went through me. My arousal from earlier was back in full force. I wanted some relief. It seemed like Ian had the same problem as me, seeing as there was a hard rod poking me in the back.

“Please, Sir.” I rubbed my thighs together, trying to bring myself some relief.

“You sound so beautiful when you beg, my mate.” He led a trail of kisses from one ear to the back of my other ear. With each kiss he placed, my arousal grew stronger. “I told you, Maggie, tonight I will only give you kisses. If you wish to touch yourself when I do so, you have my permission.”

Permission? If I weren’t so turned on right now, I’d yell at him for speaking to me like that, but I didn’t care at the moment.

I slipped my hands into my yoga pants. My pussy had drenched the bottom of my panties from all the teasing that he had done to me today.

My fingers zeroed in on my swollen clit. I rubbed small circles over it with my index finger as my middle finger went in and out of my slick opening.

“Tell me how wet you are, my mate.”

My face reddened as I realized that Ian was watching me finger fuck myself.

“I asked you a question; I expect you to answer it right away.” He nipped my earlobe. That bit of pain went straight to my core and coated my middle finger in even more of my juices.

“Very wet, Sir,” I moaned, increasing the pressure on my clit as I added a second finger to my channel. My pussy squeezed around my added digit.

“Do you wish to come?”

“Yes, Sir, please,” I begged.

He kissed the back of my neck, pushing me almost over the edge toward my impending orgasm. I imagined how it would be when his thick cock pushed into my weeping pussy. He would fill me. My inner walls clamped down on my two fingers even harder.

“You may come.”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

I let the orgasm wash over me as I continued to fuck myself with my fingers. My legs shook as pleasure ran through my veins. Ian tightened his grasp to keep me from moving too much.

When it was over, I sagged against him, a smile on my face. Masturbating always made me feel very relaxed and happy.

“You are gorgeous when you come, Maggie. I cannot wait for the day when I can claim you for my own and put that same smile on your face, myself.”

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The Doctor’s Little Mate Blurb

When twenty-six-year-old Maggie Reeves wakes up in a hospital after a car accident, the last thing she expects is for a doctor from the planet Aureus to show up at her bedside. It is disturbing enough that she has seen this handsome alien before, in dreams so intimate that just thinking about them leaves her blushing, but the real shock comes when he calmly informs Maggie that she is his destined mate and he will be taking her with him to his world to finish her treatment.

Though Ian knows that his beautiful human mate is none too pleased with her situation, his planet’s treaty with Earth gives him two weeks to convince Maggie to accept the match. During that time, he will be her firm but loving daddy. He will hold his little girl in his arms, comfort her when she is sad, and cook her favorite foods, but he will also see to her most intimate, embarrassing needs and he will not hesitate to spank her bare bottom when she is naughty.

Despite her initial reluctance to trust him, Maggie soon finds herself surrendering willingly to Ian’s strict but gentle dominance and letting him take care of her completely. But when the mating period comes to an end and she is free to return to Earth if she chooses, will Maggie decide to stay with her new daddy or leave his arms forever?

Publisher’s Note: The Doctor’s Little Mate is a stand-alone sequel to The Prince’s Little Mate. It is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, age play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Meredith: Thank you for having me over again! :-)

Maddie:  You’re welcome Meredith.  Come back any time you have more hot aliens to share.  

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